Marriage Proposal on Mobbed TV Show

Season 1 of Howie Mandel’s TV Show started off with a great Marriage Proposal on Mobbed. In front hundreds and hundreds of people Justin proposes to Nikki who is unaware of what was going on. Howie Mandel is up to his usual tricks and pulls off an excellent attempt at proposing. Although taking a walk along the fine line of comedy and danger, Justin is approached by an “ex girl friend” and after throwing water in his face he excuses himself to get changed and the fun begins. You’ll enjoy watching this episode of Mobbed TV show as you see the events unfold. Howie sure knows how to pull off a big show. The first episode of Mobbed aired in March 2011, but you catch the video right here.

marriage proposal on mobbed howie mandel

Marriage Proposal on Mobbed

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Since we’re on the note of marriage proposals and hidden cameras, here’s a clip from the Just For Laughs hidden camera show. This is not as big budget as Howie’s event the Marriage Proposal on Mobbed, but it non the less has great entertainment value.


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