Maintain Your Above Ground Pool Deck

Above ground pools deck gives a safer and easier way to enter your swimming pool. The type of your pool deck greatly depends on the size of your yard, budget and the location of your house. The most common types are; the freestanding – it is adjacent to the pool itself. So far the most common type of pool deck is relatively inexpensive and can be easily constructed. This type of pool deck receives support from some type of foundation, ranging from floating footings to a traditional poured foundation. And the next type is attached – An attached pool deck receives some support from the house while providing a direct path from an exterior door to the pool. These pool decks can make an above ground pool appear like an in-ground pool and often require less space to construct. However, depending on the elevation of your home, the pool, and the surrounding site, you may not be able to build one. A licensed contractor is essential for this type of pool deck because supports are often attached to your home. Usually, it takes one week for a constructor to construct a smaller pool deck.

There are also three common designs that could be used in your above ground pool deck. First is the platform deck. It is the smallest type of pool deck. It consists of a small deck that is elevated to the level of the pool to provide a space for people to sit near the pool. It does not conform to the shape of the pool. Next is the single side deck that runs along one side of an above ground pool deck. It should conform to the side of the pool, allowing swimmers to climb onto the deck from the pool at any point. Single side decks are most often larger than platform decks. They may feature enough space for a grill; a few lounging chairs, or even a table. And lastly is an all around deck encloses the pool on all sides. It allows entry to the pool from any side, and is typically the largest type of pool deck. Attached pool decks are often modeled on an all around design to make the best use of the space. The common furniture for this kind of embellishment is grills and patios.

In order to maintain these above ground pool deck, the common feature it has, regardless of its designs, must be always check. Take for example if deck is made up of wood; occasionally checking its paint should be done in order to preserve the wood itself. The deck made of steel must be also occasionally checked if it contains some rusted parts to prevent it from spreading. Another thing that will surely help in maintaining and preserving the pool is by commissioning the one who built the deck for an annual check-up.

Maintaining your above ground pool deck can prevent you from a more costly repair if the deck got damaged. So, why risk in spending so much later, if you can prevent it now?