magnifying lamp with stand

Magnifying Lamp with Stand: History

Roger Bacon, a scientist from Europe, invented one of the most useful gadgets in his time and to ours as well. The first magnifying glass wowed Bacon’s colleagues in the year 1200.

Lately, the simple magnifying glass was modified to perfection to exceed its primary purpose which is merely to see things clearly in a much closer and intricate aspect. Modern inventors literally put the latest magnifying glass technology together with appliances that promotes comfort living such as a microwave that can cook on its own and a washing machine which you’ll just hang the clothes after its done performing its duty.

Light is vital, and inventors saw its benefits when integrated with a magnifying lens. Therefore magnifying glasses with lights are invented. This is an ingenious creation since all you need now is your magnifying lamp with stand or desk magnifying lamp instead of bringing two things: a lamp and a magnifying glass.

magnifying lamp with stand

Magnifying Lamp With Stand: Features and Benefits

A magnifying lamp with stand has an average height of 6 feet when the arms were stretched. Magnifying lamp with stand is trusted by physicians, dentists and surgeons. However it is also applicable in your living room or bedroom and do your self a favor by throwing out those tall lamps that doesn’t do the job. The arms can be extended up to 40 inches which is a good thing in case you want to do your reading on the bed while the magnifying lamp with stand is 4 feet away, plus it can assume a certain position for a long period of time unlike stubborn old model lamps which you have to modify from time to time.

The light of the magnifying lamp with stand can be fluorescent or LED light. Both produces an eye friendly brightness and money wise they are both energy conserving. The magnifying lamp with stand that uses a fluorescent light can last up to 1,000 hours without replacement. On the other hand the magnifying lamp with stand with built in LED can last up to 10,000 hours.

The magnifying lamp with stand doesn’t need much time to assemble unlike old lamps. Most of magnifying lamp with stand are already fixed in position, the only thing you need is to attach the fluorescent bulb. Then voila! Its good to go. However if it is a LED light, it can came out from the box and straight to use.

The magnification power of this magnifying lamp with stand depends upon the model. An average magnification power ranges from 2x to 10x. Most of the lenses are circular however there are also in rectangular form like a lighted full page magnifying glass. Not to worry if the lens are scratched or broken into pieces since it is replaceable. There are also lenses that are made from plastic instead of glass, cannot be broken but scratch prone.

The magnifying lamp with stand is the most heaviest of its kind since all the weight was concentrated on its base but with the purpose of stability. Although this kind of lamp is quite expensive, it serves many unique purposes so don’t think twice of buying one.