magnifiers for the visually impaired

Magnifiers For the Visually Impaired

Magnifiers for the visually impaired are the solution to the 1 out of 10 individuals who have problems with their eyesight. It may be inborn, or acquired later in life due to too much abusive eye activities and natural phenomena of aging. Seeing is the most important among all senses. Eating will be difficult when you don’t see what you’re about to swallow, smelling fragrant scents is useless if you don’t know where its coming from and hearing is your only clue to what’s happening around you. Eye surgery is the most ideal solution to correct most of the eye problems however it is too expensive and sometimes you need a donor of organs like the cornea.

Good thing there are invented gadgets like corrective eyeglasses, contact lenses and magnifier for the visually impaired. They are a lot more cheaper than operation plus less invasive. Magnifiers for the visually impaired can also be used by other individuals with normal vision to assist them in certain tasks. There are invented magnifying glass with light and stand which are helpful in assisting a doctor in procedures which needed closer view like surgery, dentistry and physical assessment. There are also magnifiers for the visually impaired which is a size of a normal desk lampshade that will aid you for hand craft activities like sewing, embroidery, stitching and knitting. It also has a stretchable arm which can extend up to 40″ and able to hold  a certain position as long as you need it, this is ideal if you would like to read a book on your bed. Another unique features of magnifiers for the visually impaired is it has lights, which means aside from magnification you can see clearly what you are looking at because of the light that surrounds it.

magnifying glass for the visually impaired

Types of Magnifiers For the Visually Impaired

  • Pocket Magnifying Glass. These type of magnifiers for the visually impaired comes with two types: with light and without light. It can be as small as the size of the thumb which is ideal to bring every where. The one with lighting features can be charged or battery powered. Although the focal view is small it has the same magnification capacity as the regular sized lens. So whenever you’re going to have a camping trip, make sure you have a pocket magnifiers for the visually impaired in case your perfect vision decided not to work properly.
  • Desk Magnifying Glass. This is a good replacement for your ordinary desk lamp. There are also models which has light and has no light. These magnifiers for the visually impaired is good for its hands free duties, meaning you could work on your cross stitch without holding anything aside from your needle and kit. The desk magnifying glass with light uses either fluorescent or LED light which is both perfect for energy conserving.
  • Lighted Full Page Magnifying Glass. Unlike other magnifying glass which has a circular focal view, these type of magnifiers for the visually impaired is a 7″ x 12″ rectangular shaped lens which is ideal for reading large newspapers. It also has a stand and a stretchable arm so that you could finish your reading without holding anything.