MacBook Pro Warranty

MacBook Pro Warranty Status

Macbook Pro Warranty Status is checked to note that how much time you can use Macbook. It is specifically useful if you have bought or are planning to buy a used Macbook or Macbook Pro. The Apple Warranty on these machines is going to the computer, regardless of if you are the actual owner.

As you know that Apple MacBooks are fastest and reliable laptops in the market. Mac computer is a powerful and durable device but there is always room for malfunction when it comes to electronics. From the date that you buy your MacBook,  You are offered 90 days of technical support via telephone for absolutely no charge at all or Macbook Pro Warranty status. MacBook Pro Warranty status is used to check the expiry date of repairing your device.

MacBook Pro Warranty extends the telephone support, and covers the cost of repairs for up to three years. The technical support provided can save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead of taking your MacBook to a local computer store, where you can or cannot find a solution to your problem, you may simply call many knowledgeable Apple experts who are ready to help you solve your issues. If you are living near an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or an Apple Store, you may simply bring your MacBook in and have it repaired there. If you are far away of those locations, Apple will send you a prepaid shipping box, and you just mail your MacBook away, and they’ll return this device good as new.

If your apple device is in need of repair or has some problem or than the first question you often ask yourself is “Is it under warranty?” In past years you required to call a phone number. But today Apple has made various websites where you can check the MacBook Pro Warranty status quickly and easily.If you have a serial number than you can easily check MacBook Pro Warranty status online.

MacBook Pro Warranty Status

You can check the Macbook Pro Warranty Status online of your Mac, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV.From your toolbar click the apple logo than go to the About this Mac sub menu. Click more Info from window appears.Next find your Serial number from the next window.Now you have to go to the Apple online assistance page than you have to enter your serial number and country than press continue button.You mac warranty expiration date will be appeared on next page.After sometime you will see Mac and the type of warranty on it.It is the right way to check your MacBook Pro Warranty.

A MacBook computer consists of one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty consists of 90 days of telephone technical support and one year of its service coverage. By buying the extra AppleCare Protection plan, both telephone support and service coverage is going to extend for three years past the date of purchasing the product. According to the Apple website, You can buy AppleCare any time while the MacBook Pro Warranty is still in effect.