Lighted Full Page Magnifier

Lighted Full Page Magnifier: An Introduction

Don’t let the sundown and your weary eyes to stop you from finishing your favorite Sidney Sheldon book because the lighted full page magnifier is here to assist you. The lighted full page magnifier is another device that promotes comfort living. It is an all in one magnifying glass and lamp shade, so there’s no need for to carry your antique magnifying glass and age old lampshade anymore.

We all heard about magnifying lamp with lights, now how does it differ from the lighted full page magnifier? They differ in many things like aesthetics and components. The focal view of the lighted full page magnifier is in rectangular shape which is designed for reading books, newspapers, directories and even sewing and knitting. The average size of the focal view of the lighted full page magnifier is 7×12″. Whereas, for the magnifying lamps with light the focal view is in circular mode, making the view very limited. Another advantage of the lighted full page magnifier is that it uses LED lights instead of fluorescent lights. These make the lighting compact and concentrated unlike the magnifying lamps which commonly have avery bright fluorescent lights.

lighted full page magnifier

Lighted Full Page Magnifier: How Does it Help Us?

As we reach the age 50 and above, you will start to notice that your eyes isn’t performing at its best like it did before when you were younger. It is because of macular degeneration which is normal and an expected phenomena together with old age. Macular degeneration happens when the nerves and parts of our eyes started to malfunction because of aging like blurring of vision due to old lens, clouding retinas and others. However it was observed that today the onset of macular degeneration are becoming earlier targeting younger individuals. At the age of 35, some people are demanding for reading glasses and corrective lenses already.

In the age of technology where we can’t help but abuse our eyes into 65″ flat screen LED TV, 3D laptop and desktop monitors, tablets and ebooks, we should find assistants for our eyes in simple task such as reading and sewing like the lighted full page magnifier. The effort of our eyes in doing such activities will be lessened because of the lighted full page magnifier.

  • The lighted full page magnifier uses LED lights which is great in energy saving. And compared to old school light bulbs which lasts only a month or two, LED lights can withstand 10,000 of hard work. This can be translated into 13x light bulb replacement, saves your time, effort and $$$!
  • Like the magnifying lamps with light, the lighted full page magnifier comes out of the box and straight to work. No need to spend hours in assembling the parts.
  • The lighted full page magnifier uses LED which makes the light more concentrated on the focal view only. This is handy at night when you’re eyes are super glued to The Alchemist but don’t want to wake up your snoring husband.
  •  Most of the lighted full page magnifiers aesthetics comes with a stand with you could roam around anywhere in the house and its arms can stretch up to 40″.