Kitchenaid Wall Ovens

Kitchenaid Wall Ovens

Kitchenaid Wall Ovens

There are a number of amazing Kitchenaid Wall Ovens. You can get one of the super traditional single Kitchenaid wall ovens or one of the even more impressive Double Kitchenaid Wall Ovens! You can get a combination of an oven along with a microwave oven that will result in a beautiful appliance in a space saving package.

KitchenAid Architect Series II : KEMS378SSS 27 Microwave Combination Wall Oven – Stainless Steel

Kitchenaid KUWS24LSBS Architect Series II

KitchenAid Architect Series II KEMS308SSS 30 Microwave Combination Wall Oven, Convection, Self Cln

Kitchenaid Wall Ovens Sizes Available

The standard size of 30″ Wide is available in both the single Kitchenaid Wall Ovens as well as the combination with the microwave. The Kitchenaid microwave also can come in a combo microwave with a convection oven. There are also some 27″ sizes available. The 30″ Single Electric Wall Oven with Even-Heat True Convection System & Glass-Touch Oven Display is great!

Kitchenaid Wall Ovens Add-Ons

A great add-on to the  30″ Single Electric Wall Oven or the Double electric wall oven is the  30″ Warming Drawer with Automatic Shutoff, 4-Hour Timer & Sensor Temperature Control. A warming drawer can keep plates warm before service, or food warm until the other courses are ready. You can also keep separate servings warm for family members who are late for meals. That is a great feature for your spouse who works late and your kids who have sports games or practice several times a week.

KitchenAid KEWS105SPA 30in Warming Drawer – Panel Ready

KitchenAid KEWS175SSS 27in Warming Drawer – Stainless Steel

KitchenAid KEWK100TBL 30″ Color Panel Kits for Warming Drawers – Black


Discover all of the different Kitchenaid Wall ovens available and how is can fit into your dream kitchen!