KitchenAid Ice Makers

KitchenAid Ice Makers

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I love KitchenAid Ice Makers. Anytime you want a drink on the rocks it’s right there waiting for you. Crushed ice or cubed ice it’s your call. You just put your glass in and decide how much. You can choose from KitchenAid Ice Makers that are stand alone units for larger quantities of ice and the built in KitchenAid Ice Makers that just make a tray or 2 at a time. Some of the KitchenAid Ice Makers are built into the door of the freezer and can be found next to the filtered water dispenser.


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KitchenAid Ice Makers Repair

If your KitchenAid Ice Makers is not working quite right it can get frustrating. You may encounter drips or leaks that occur if the ice maker isn’t holding onto the ice right as it can be exposed to the outside room temperature and that can leave a mess. Here are a few quick tips on

Now kick back and enjoy a cold beverage thanks to your KitchenAid Ice Makers.