Kitchenaid Coffee Makers

Kitchenaid Coffee Makers

We’ve assembled some information for you about Kitchenaid Coffee makers. There are many different types of Kitchenaid coffee makers so it’s good to have some advice to follow and comparisons to make. There are also a number of different features that various Kitchenaid Coffee makers have and understanding what is what is not always the easiest.Kitchenaid Coffee Makers

Types of Kitchenaid Coffee Makers

Programmable: Programmable Kitchenaid coffee makers are very handy, especailly if you have to get up early for work and need your coffee ready before you head out the door.  Let the Kitchenaid coffee makers start the coffee for you when you want.  With a programmable coffee maker option, the brewing process can be set to start automatically at the specific time you set, and then it will even shut off on its own, so you don’t have to worry as you rush out the door so you can get to work on time. Beside, who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of fresh coffee?

Pod Brewer:  The newer style of coffee makers provides brewed individually wrapped discs or “pods” of pre-ground coffee  that are also pre-measured and quite convenient. Additionally they are sealed to lock in  flavor and freshness for the alleged perfectly brewed coffee or tea.

Percolator: From new to old – the percolator Kitchenaid Coffee makers has been around for some time and makes large quantities of coffee in a short amount of time.  These percolators repeatedly circulate the water over and through the coffee grounds, so you can control the taste by adjusting brewing time. One of the benefits is that it begins brewing instantly and provides a large amount of coffee in a short amount of time. Larger percolators are perfect for large groups and popular at churches and other large gatherings. Most percolators automatically switch to a “keep warm” setting when brewing is completed. The cord is typically not permanently attached so you can set it at the serving table regardless if there is an outlet

French Press: The French Press Kitchenaid coffee makers are a coffee connoisseurs delight. Although it is a 2 step process that requires heating of the water separately from the french press unit, it begins by pouring the hot water into the glass carafe. You then add the grounds of coffee directly into the water. This infuses the grounds better and allows the flavors to fully permeate the water. When you have allowed the coffee to brew for the length of time you would like you press down the ‘plunger’ portion of the french press. The brewing time is normally around 3 minutes. As you press the plunger it forces all of the grounds to the bottom of the container and allows you to pour your fine coffee into your favorite coffee mug.

There are some Kitchenaid Coffee makers that brew directly into either your coffee cup or provide a dispensing mechanism, so that there really isn’t a coffee carafe as with most home coffee makers. Here are a few examples:

Thermal: Applying the handy Thermal carafe is a slight twist on standard kitchenaid coffee makers. It will keep your coffee piping hot as it is well insulated. This is great if you enjoy your coffee throughout the day and might not be in a location with power or a source to reheat your coffee cup.

Coffee Reservoir:  The built-in coffee reservoir style eliminates the need for a carafe as it contains the batch of coffee internally and then the Kitchenaid coffee maker dispenses it as you need. Great for groups of people at a large office, church or hospital.

Dual Travel Mugs: This romantic style of special Kitchenaid Coffee maker systems allows you and that special someone to brew a single mug or both at the same time. Since the mugs have sealable lids for on the go, they are convenient. They also fits the standard car upholders which is great for you on the go.


Different Kitchenaid Coffee Makers Features to Compare

Capacity: Capacity simple refers to the maximum amount that Kitchenaid coffee makers can hold at any given time. To figure out the capacity you need, figure out how many cups per day will be consumed.  Kitechnaid coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes and that means they can have a significant range of capacity. On the smaller side there are 4-6 cups machines all the way up to 60 cups monster coffee makers. The average household in America has a 10-12 cup machine as this gives the option to make less than 10-12 cups is desired and also making a second batch does not take terribly long. So you can have the convenience of brewing a smaller amount and yet the option to go larger without much hassle.

Brew Pause: The brew pause option in Kitchenaid Coffee makers is a great feature for those of us who might start a pot of coffee but suddenl;y realize we need to get some coffee now and the pot isn’t quite finished yet. With the Kitchenaid Coffee makers brew pause (or otherwise sometimes named the Pause ‘N Serve, Brew Pause, Sneak-A-Cup features let you take some coffee out right then and there.

Automatic Shut-Off: Kitchenaid Coffee makers with this feature will turn off the power automatically after a set time frame and won’t keep consuming power or burning your coffee if left on accidentally.

Integrated Grinding Chamber:  The higher end and more expensive Kitchenaid Coffee makers might feature a coffee grinding station built into the coffee maker. This saves counter top space, keeps the grounds fresher as they are ground when you need them. You can also mix you favorite whole beans and still know it will be ground on demand.

Quick Brew: The fast Kitchenaid Coffee makers will speed up the brewing process if you are rushed for time. Keep in mind that although it will make good coffee, that great coffee takes time to brew and soak in the flavors and aromas. Find the right balance of speed and taste for you.

Water Filtration: Kitchenaid Coffee makers with built in water filters are a great way to make sure you get great tasting coffee every time. The water and grounds are some of the biggest impacts of overall taste. Most coffee houses have an entire store wide water filtering system that is consistent store to store so that the coffee will taste the same, regardless of initial water quality a town has to offer. The water filter will remove most impurities and other undesired chemicals like chlorine and enhance both the taste and smell.

Ground Saturation: The ground saturation refers to how the water is introduced to the grounds. Kitchenaid Coffee makers seek to cascade the brew head which showers grounds evenly with water resulting in far better tasting and smelling coffee.

Adjustable Temperature / Brew Selector: In advanced Kitchenaid Coffee makers you may select the temperature and brewing intensity of the coffee so it comes out exactly how you want it. Some of the adjustments will impact the brewing time.

Cord Storage: Kitchenaid Coffee makers seek to keep your counters uncluttered and clean since you have lots of tools. A concealed area in the back can hide cords from sight and keep your kitchen looking good!

Types of Kitchenaid Coffee Makers and Coffer Grinders

Grinders: Kitchenaid Coffee makers grinders are the best way to have freshly ground coffee at home. Many grinders use tough stainless steel blades and a heavy-duty motor that are simple to operate.  A generous grind hoppers sends the whole beans into the grinding area and on some Kitchenaid Coffee makers will send the ground beans directly into the coffee filter area.

Burr mills: The Kitchenaid Coffee makers burr mills are the best option for grinding large amounts of coffee. You want uniformly ground coffee beans because they will produce maximum flavor and aroma.  Some Kitchenaid Coffee makers burr mills feature multiple grind-level selections, or an automatic timer that will stop when the desired ground level is reached.


Type of Kitchenaid Coffee Makers Filters

Basket filters: These Kitchenaid Coffee makers disposable filters are made of simple paper to filter out the grounds along with other sediments that are found during the brewing process. The 2 common shapes are round or cone, with round being most common.

Permanent (or gold-tone) filters: These Kitchenaid Coffee makers permanent filters are great because they will not ever need to be tossed out. The slight downside is that they have to be cleaned after each use and can get slightly clogged and slow down the brewing process. Most are cone- shaped with a cute little handle for lifting out and cleaning. Also must be aware that they don’t get punctured.

  KitchenAid KCM-4PACK Water Filter 4 Pack

Cleaning: Keeping your Kitchenaid Coffee makers clean will extend their life and help the freshness of your coffee.

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Kitchenaid Coffee makers have so many options that are great and you will love your coffee every day, fresh as can be.