It’s not easy being green

Green is not only Kermit’s favorite color, it’s also the wave of the present. The color sreen has many different shades -as many shades as there way are to help impact the world. You can find the ways that work best for you instead of copying others. Find the concepts that fit into your lifestyle, budget and mean something to you personanlly. From water concervation to recycling of plastics and metals to converting to sustainable energy and simply using less resources there are many ways for you to have a substantial impact on your corner of the world.

Solar is amazing because it is a natural resource that is sustainable. Once you have the initial investment out of the way, there is little for maintenance and upkeep.

Going GREEN is not just a fad anymore. It’s what we all NEED to do. And it’s ever more than something we all need to DO, it’s the way we all need to LIVE.