Indoor Bike Rack

Indoor Bike Rack

If you’re a bicycle lover but don’t know how to display your bike collections the way your favorite bike store does, then an indoor bike rack will solve your problem. An indoor bike rack is invented so that you could mount your bikes inside your house in a stylish way.  The indoor bike rack is easy to install and very much affordable. With an indoor bike rack you no longer have to lean your bikes along the walls of your garage, plus you could avoid your expensive bikes from scratches and falls.

indoor bike rack

Types of Indoor Bike Rack

These are the types of indoor bike rack:

  • Standing indoor bike rack. This type of indoor bike rack is the most popular. You could buy a single standing indoor rack for one bike. But if you own multiple bicycles there are standing indoor bike racks which are designed to hold more bikes, each rack has a lock to secure the bikes. The good thing about this model is it is not fixed, you could move it from one place to another which is perfect for individuals who always want to reinvent their place.
  • Wall mounted indoor bike racks. This is a lot cheaper than the previous one however it is fixed on your wall. There are three types of indoor bike racks: the first is with 2 arms which you could adjust depending on the height you desired, the second type is with frame installed on the wall attached to the hook where you will hang the front wheel of the bike and the last one is a wall mounted bike shelf which resembles a shelf and then it has a space at the mid portion wherein you will slide the bike in. NOTE: This type of indoor bike rack is fixed on your wall, therefore you must decide carefully which part of the house you will install this. Careful measurement is also a must most especially if you decide to hang your bikes in the hook vertically.
  • Roof cycle trees indoor bike rack. This type is made up of elongated pole from the floor to the roof of the ceiling which has many branches or arms where you will put you bikes. It could hold up to 3 bikes and it’s not fixed on the fall therefore it can be easily relocated. NOTE: This type of indoor bike rack should have a stable base so that it doesn’t fall along with your bikes with just a simple blow of wind.

Tips in Choosing  an Indoor Bike Rack

When buying something, you should always have a checklist for you to be able to select the right choice. And in terms of choosing an indoor bike rack these following questions might be helpful.

  1. How many bikes do you have?
  2. How big is your space?
  3. Do you want an indoor bike rack which is fixed or not?
  4. Are you planning to buy a new bike in the future?
  5. How often are you going to use these bike racks?
  6. Are you going to buy a ready made or are you planning to custom made your own?
  7. Do you want an indoor bike rack made of wood or metal?