HQ 32×21 Flight Bird Cage & Stand for Finch & Small

High quality HQ bird cage appropriate for all small to medium sized parrots.

Cage measures 32″ wide x 21″ deep by 60″ overall height. Inside cage height is 35″; Cage bar spacing is 1/2″, and the bars are 3mm thick. This is a great economy-priced cage that gives canaries, finches and parakeets lots of room to fly. Also appropriate for Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, and small Conures.

All welding is machine done, there are no sharp edges, and the powder coating has a beautiful smooth, hammer tone, shiny, non-toxic finish that is easy to clean.

Cage construction includes a screw-only construction. That is, the nuts are embedded within the cage tubes. There are two reasons for this: first, the birds can not remove the nuts and disassemble the cage. The second is simply for your benefit, ease of building. Most similar cages on the market use screws and nuts, an inferior design.

Cage is Hammer tone Platinum finish. See color chart. Tray is high-grade molded plastic.

Cage and stand ships in one box. Easy to assemble.

HQ 32×21 Flight Bird Cage & Stand for Finch & Small Birds-Platinum