How To Wall Mount A TV

How To Wall Mount A TV

Mounting TV on the wall seems to be a trending style today in modern American homes. Aside from its a great space saver, it also makes your huge flat screen safe and stable.

Simple Steps in How to Wall Mount A TV

Every one must be interested to know how to wall mount a TV. Here are the simple guidelines on how to wall mount a TV:How to wall mount a TV

How to Wall Mount A TV Step#1: Determine the part of your house where you are planning to install the TV bracket. Make sure that it already has an available outlet and cable ready for your television. If you are not satisfied with it, you can always choose a different location however if there are no available outlets for cable then there might be an additional need for installation. Height is also important. As much as possible install the TV in eye level to avoid strains of your neck from tilting up and down. However if you are going to place it in the area where people always walk around like the kitchen, then install it in an over head location so no one will interrupt your viewing needs. Another important thing when choosing a location is the place where no sources of light can cause glares like windows , bulbs or lamp shades.

How to Wall Mount A TV Step#2: Correct measurement is they key of successful installation. First thing that you need to do is accurately measure the entire screen and frame of your television, this will make sure correct selection of TV brackets in the hardware store. Then don’t forget the measurement of the location where you are planning to hang your TV.

How to Wall Mount A TV Step#3: Normally you can find an installation manual that comes along with the TV bracket. Take a look if it needs special screws. And also it will guide you how to deal with the wires.

How to Wall Mount A TV Step#4: Have the materials prepared at your side before proceeding to the installation. Usually materials require a screw, screw driver, pencil, measuring devices and a ladder if the place for installation is high. Check the need of additional manpower. Large televisions and large TV brackets requires additional strength of three or more people in order to mount it on the wall safely.

How to Wall Mount A TV Step#5: Before starting the mounting procedure make sure that you test first the outlet and cable if its working. When the TV and bracket are already in place then you found out that there is a failure in the outlets then it might be another additional job.

Those are the simple steps on how to wall mount a TV.

Hanging TV on the wall is just as simple as hanging your favorite portrait. But if you are not comfortable in handling screws then might as well just live it to the expert. Aside from that, not all walls can accommodate heavy mounted furniture. So if you are not guaranteed that your walls are made from strong materials then just buy furniture stands for TV.