How to Throw A Successful Graduation Party

How to Throw A Successful Graduation Party

A graduation party is something your child faces only once in a lifetime. If you have multiple kids, or are planning your own graduation party, then you will want to follow some trusted advice so you can learn from the experience of others and do it right. You just got to have your party be a big success. Here are some great and easy to follow tips that will give you an amazing graduation party.

  • Scheduling & Invitations
  • Entertainment & Music
  • Food & Beverages
  • Decorations
  • Ambiance & Flow
  • Budget
There are some major components that you need to start with to know How to Throw A Successful Graduation Party. Lets look at each of them more carefully.

how to throw an successful graduation party

1. Scheduling & Invitations

Use social media wisely. You can use it both for scheduling of events and inviting people, but also for research on your guest list. You will also be able to see if there are conflicting events that others might potentially interfere. Allow at least 2 weeks for printing of custom invitations and plan on 5 days for mailing, although it likely will go quicker.

2. Entertainment & Music

A party without music is pretty quiet and people feel much more conspicuous about talking and having fun. Plan ahead what type of music you’ll be playing and if you’ll have a band or not. Make sure to follow up both 1 month ahead of time with your entertainment / musicians / band and then also again 1 week ahead of time. Ask if they have recommendations for a back up plan in case of emergency. Make sure they can help you out and can help you if the pressure is on.

3. Food & Beverages

A party without food just isn’t a party at all. And running out of food is just embarrassing. You need to know your guest list and understand how many will actually show up and what type of food you’ll need to plan. As always, plan to have a little extra on hand and a back up option if things don’t go as planned.  Is there a grocery store nearby that someone could run to if things start running low? Have a plan with someone who could run, as well as the cost.

If you are using a caterer, also plan a simple backup plan if they have an emergency. There are times where a catering business might have a scheduling error or conflict and your party might take back seat to a bigger event. Make sure that you can put together a last minute grocery shopping run and that you have a back up menu in place. This could be a simple emergency back up plan like calculating how many bags of chips you would need to buy, how many rolls and how much lunch-meat, and condiments. That way, even worse case you are a pro and have a plan.

4. Decorations

One of the great things about planning a graduation party is that decorations are available almost everywhere. And the ability to know How to Throw A Successful Graduation Party involves things like knowing to choose a great theme and stick to it consistently. Use the same design on everything from your invitations, to colors of streamers and plates, table clothes etc. You can use the same design on your social media invitations too. Make sure it all correlates well.

5. Ambiance & Flow

Ambiance, doesn’t just mean how the party feels, but it can include considerations like dealing with potential mosquitos or other bothersome pests. Parking, lawn care, insects, seating, music are the most important to consider. Make sure to have parking signs if needed and realize that many people may not have ever been to your home or the event center where you are having the party. Do a personal walk through and wonder how you would feel if you had never been there before. Would you feel comfortable walking in? Would there be a place for you to hang your jacket, or set down a gift you would be carrying? Where would the guest put the card they brought.

6. Budget

The budget of a party may or may not matter. If your parents are well off, or have been saving up for a while the budget just may not matter. For others, the budget is of crucial importance.  What really helps is to come up with a cost per guest which will help you figure out a balance of how many people to invite. For food, this will help you balance that with the type of food to serve. You also

Many other considerations:

* Choose your guest list carefully

Don’t forget people. Usually it’s not the people you invited accidentally that matter, but the people you forgot to invite who will be really hurt and perhaps you’ll miss out on some great gifts too.

* Plan ahead and have some options and backup plans

Here are a list of questions you should have answers to well in advance of your party.

  • What happens if the weather is really poor?
  • What happens in the cake isn’t done?
  • What happens if there’s a storm or some other weather front that impacts travel?
  • Who can you call for extra folding tables and chairs?
You don’t have to get terribly fancy to throw a great and successful graduation party, but you need to be prepared and have backup plans. Also, RECRUIT HELP! The more hands you have to help you, the quicker and easier things get done. Make sure you personally double check on any assignments you give anyone else. Just because they promise you it will get done, you need to confirm it yourself. There’s an old saying I heard that applies here: Inspect what you expect.

If you have other ideas on How to Throw A Successful Graduation Party please comment below!