How to Drive Safely on Icy Roads in Winter

How to Drive Safely on Icy Roads in Winter

Driving in the winter can be a very dangerous and scary time. There is a lot more accidents and problems that happen during the winter, like getting stuck, your vehicle not starting or sliding There is a couple things you can do to prevent something bad from happening or be prepared for it.

Speed is the primary reason for accidents happening, mainly in the winter but all the time. In the winter, it is never a good thing to speed, even going the normal speed limit at times can be bad because the roads are so icy. Especially when turning or going around curves, its best to slow down, I mean go really slow! Don’t slow down to fast tho that you end up skidding. Most people speed because they are in a rush to get where they are going and end up going faster so they aren’t late. So it’s always best to leave sooner than usual, cause you never want to rush driving.


When you start to break to come to a stop, you usually end up sliding on the icy, especially if you try to brake to late. It’s best to allow 3 times as much room for braking during the winter than normal times. Going around curves is another thing, cause if you are going to fast or turning to quickly it causes you to drift and you may end up in the ditch. A great way to prevent that is, keep your wheels straight while you are braking, otherwise if your turning your wheels and braking, that causes you to drift.

Especially in the winter, when you try to accelerate to quickly, your wheels start to spin and your vehicle doesn’t move much cause its really slippery. You especially don’t want to accelerate while going around a curve. Cause when you accelerate, its best to have your wheels straight, otherwise it causes drifting and sliding.


Learn How to Drive Safely on Icy Roads in Winter and Stay Safe!