Homemade Insecticide

Just the thought of spraying harsh chemicals around my house makes my skin crawl as much as those creepy crawlies we’re trying to get rid of. How are the chemicals any better than the germs of the insects that we don’t want either? The answer I believe is working with organic materials to make your own homemade insecticide. There are many benefits of homemade insecticide.

  • Your Choice of Materials
  • Organic Components
  • Not polluting with chemicals
  • Keeping kids and pets safe
  • Treating for the exact problem

Homemade Insecticide

Homemade Insecticide Spray Cans

What are some the different types of insect or pest  can you treat for with Homemade Insecticide? Some of the top organic and natural repellents are:

  • Natural Spider repellent
    • If you have a spider problem, the you need to use natural spider repellent.
  • Natural Tick repellent
    • Ticks can be brought into your home on pets or on yourself if you live in areas where tick are common. If left untreated, ticks can pose major health risks.
  • Homemade Insect Repellent
    • When insects permiatte your home they can come in several different types at once. If you use a general purpose Homemade Insect Repellent that will treat several insects at one time without the need to keep re-applying the insecticide.
  • Insect Repellent plants
    • The use of Insect Repellent plants can eliminate the need for any insecticide – homemade or store bought. Citronella plants can be used to deter mosquitoes and you can learn about many other plant varieties that will fight off insects. Go plants!
  • Natural Tick Repellent for dogs
    • Don’t forget about Fido when you are treating for insect problems.  There are some great options for Natural Tick Repellent for dogs that will keep your puppy happy healthy and tick free.
  • DEET free insect repellent
    • Deet is one of the yucky chemicals that is popular in chemical based insecticides. Avoid using Deet at all costs. You can create much safer and also effective Homemade Insecticide that is a Deet free insect repellent yourself at home.
  • Natural Wasp Repellent
    • Wasps are just annoying, they also sting and can be very scary to kids and grown ups alike. Finding a great Natural Wasp Repellent will send the wasp crew packing and your kids will feel at ease when they play outside.
  • Natural Bee Repellent
    • Bees are one of God’s fascinating creatures. They make this amazing product called honey that is healthy and yummy. But that doesn’t mean that we want bees around our home. But it’s sad to just kill them off with chemicals so look for a Natural Bee Repellent that will encourage them to leave and set up shop elsewhere.

Creating your own Homemade Insecticide can be very safe and effective. Us precautions and follow all instructions so that your Homemade Insecticide will turn out right and work! Covering up with gloves and eye protection will make sure everything stays off of you and applied where it belongs. Even though the Homemade Insecticide isn’t chemical based, it still contains products that may not smell pleasant or belong on your skin or in your eyes.

For pest problems of all kinds, homemade insecticide is the only way to go!