Holy Bible Apocrypha (KJV) – Town Compass eBook downloadable

Put the “Good Book” in the palm of your hand! Town Compass presents the King James Version (KJV) of the Holy Bible – Apocrypha. Published in 1611, the King James Version was the first English translation of note and is widely popular with traditionalists. The Apocrypha contains additional Christian history and wisdom, but isn’t considered to be of the same level of inspiration as the 66 books of the Old & New Testaments. It was included in the original 1611 King James Version, so it has been added to this version for consistency. View your favorite passages by Book, Chapter or Keyword: Apocryphal Books (including Additions to Daniel, Judith, Esdras, Additions to Esther, Susanna, Maccabees, Ezra, Prayer of Manassheh, Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon, Baruch [with Epistle of Jeremiah], Tobit, and Bel). Organized in a subject hierarchy and in an index, so navigation on your handheld is fast and easy.

Holy Bible Apocrypha (KJV) – Town Compass eBook downloadable Software