Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor

My first experience using a pedometer heart rate monitor was two years ago, through a work initiative sponsored by the Heart Foundation.

For fun, we were rating our fitness levels, in order to be healthy and develop a strong heart,  and the aim was to make 10,000 steps per day.

We received their best value pedometer heart rate watch each, and starting measuring the rate at which our exercise increased each day, over an 8 week period.

The pedometer was a fantastic device for this. It was the highlight of our day to compare the reading on the pedometer.

Watch Heart Rate Pedometer videos here:

Sadly there were some days where the pedometer read 3,000 steps only, and the pedometer did not lie!

At that rate we obviously had to work much harder, and get our heart pumping a bit better, in order to reach our goal.

I was amazed at how a small device such as the pedometer, provided us with so much motivation, as well as obviously increasing our heart rate to a good level.

And it was fun!

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