Hardwood Floor Vacuums

Hardwood Floor Vacuums

Floors made from authentic wood are both elegant and expensive. But you can make it retain its luster for a lifetime with proper caring and maintenance. Protect your investment without using floor polisher and mop, just purchase yourself hardwood floor vacuums that will safeguard your floor.

Stop using water directly on your hardwood when cleaning them, aside from it only attracts more dirt it also lessens the lifespan of your precious floor.

hardwood floor vacuums

How does Hardwood Floor Vacuums Differ From the Rest?

Many people think that all vacuums are just the same, that’s why they end up buying the wrong ones which they thought the appropriate for their needs. Hardwood floors are very delicate to deal with. A few scratch can ruin the chic look of your surface which is why you need a cleaner that will gently care for it like hardwood floor vacuums.

Hardwood floor vacuums doesn’t have brush rolls which are often seen on vacuums for carpeted floors. The bristles of the brush are designed for heavy duty scrubbing and will surely leave a scar on your expensive floor. Hardwood floor vacuums consist of soft mop that gently polishes your surface without leaving any trace of marks. But if you have a variety of floor surfaces in your house, there is a vacuum cleaner which you can turn off the brush rolls when cleaning smooth surfaces and turn it on again when dealing with carpet rugs. This way you don’t have to buy separate vacuum to clean two surfaces.

Most upright models of hardwood floor vacuums have wheels therefore you don’t have to potentially drag it on your surface which is a common problem to canister vacuum models. Although canisters are not that heavy it should have wheels instead of accidentally dragging it that may damage your floor. Or you could place a cloth under it so it glides smoothly whenever you are cleaning.

Hardwood floor vacuums doesn’t have any metal components or other attachment that can damage your floor. In terms of cordless or corded, well its up to your convenience. But most people prefer cordless ones so that nothing will restrict your movements, and using a long extension cord running along the floor can potentially cause accidents.

If you have no time cleaning your house and no money to pay a domestic cleaner, there is a robot vacuum cleaner which you can just instantly leave alone to clean your surface floor and returns to its dock when it is finished of when the battery is running low.

Hardwood floor vacuums should also be light weight for easy maneuver and to prevent strains in your muscles. There are also particular types of hardwood floor vacuums which you can add your favorite floor polisher to add a perfect finish to your floor. Vacuum cleaners applicable for both wet and dry surface is also a plus.

Brands like dirt devil, eureka and hoover have the most recommended hardwood floor vacuums. And now that you know the details of what a hardwood floor vacuum should have, its time for you to buy your own. There are lots of online retailers offering hardwood floor vacuums at a discounted price.