Hard Floor Vacuum

Hard Floor Vacuum

Vacuum cleaner is our number one partner in keeping our environment clean and filth free. Since the invention of vacuum cleaners, the nightmare of maintaining our floor squeaky clean was eliminated. Even portable vacuum cleaners are invented so consumers can bring it anywhere.

Bare floors or hard floor surfaces are not as tough to clean compared to carpeted floors. Wood, marbles, tiles, to name a few are some of the materials of a hardwood floor which ensembles elegance and huge investment. To take care of your floor surface and protect your investment what you need to have is a hard floor vacuum.

hard floor vacuum

How to Select the Best Hard Floor Vacuum

Out of the numerous vacuum models being offered by different brands you should decide first if you prefer an upright, canister or portable hand held hard floor vacuum cleaners.

Upright vacuum cleaners are more easy to use when just dealing with pure flat surfaces. Most upright models uses a bagless method of collecting dirt which are appropriate for people who don’t want to spend money buying vacuum bag replacements all the time. There are also upright hard floor vacuum cleaners that uses a HEPA filtration technology which leaves both your floor and air free from dust, dirt and other micro particles. There are several brands of upright hard floor vacuum cleaners that are cordless. When the battery is full charged it can last up to 25 minutes of cleaning spree which is fairly enough to clean the entire house.

Canister hard floor vacuum cleaners on the other hand are more maneuverable  when cleaning stairs, underneath furniture and other narrow corners. However  there are only few canister brands that has cordless features. Both the canister and handle weighs more than upright vacuum cleaners, but the handle alone of canister for hardwood vacuum cleaners are more easier to control. Canister hard floor vacuum also has bagged or bagless features. Some models also have HEPA filtration system that protects your love ones from all sources of allergens.

Robot hard floor vacuum cleaners are also getting popular right now. This is the perfect solution for most people who don’t have time to vacuum the floor themselves and don’t have the money to pay domestic helpers either. However these devices can be expensive but it is surely worth your money. All you have to do is turn it on and it will do the cleaning by itself. It senses when the surface is already clean then it returns to its dock, it also senses when the battery is starting to run a little low then return to its home base to charge. Since it is just a tiny device, you may have to vacuum or sweep the floor again once in a while to clean it thoroughly. You don’t have to expect a lot from a small device, do you? And remember make sure to deploy these robot hard floor vacuum cleaners when no one is around or when there’s not much activity going. You don’t want someone to accidentally step on your expensive gizmo.