Hanging Bike Rack

Hanging Bike Rack

A bike is an all in one work out device and environmental friendly means of transportation, but storing it can also be a form of frustration. If bikes can’t be stored on the garage or outside the yard, why don’t you just hang it on the wall or a ceiling using a hanging bike rack.

A hanging bike rack is the best solution in protecting your precious two wheeler from wears and tears due to frequent falls on the ground whenever you try to lean them on the wall. Hanging bike rack is the most appropriate form of bike storage to people who have limited spaces in their homes.

hanging bike rack

Tips in Choosing the Appropriate Hanging Bike Rack

  • There are two types and places on where you could install your very own hanging bike rack: the ceiling and the wall. Ceiling form of hanging bike rack requires a strong ceiling to be able to hold the drilling and the bicycles. It is advisable that you only attach up to two bicycles on the hanging bike rack if the ceiling is made from wood. Wall mounted hanging bike rack is a lot more easier to install plus it can hold more than 3 bicycles depending on your wall space. This kind of hanging bike rack can let you store your bike either in a vertical or horizontal standing position.
  • Decide if how many bikes are you planning to store on those hanging bike racks. If you think you have enough bikes in the present then buy a hanging bike rack that are suited for the number of bikes you have. Some people tend to buy in advance thinking that they might still use it in the future most especially when the items are on SALE.
  • If you are collector and want to impress visitors with your expensive bicycle collection, then a wall mounted hanging bike rack would be appropriate for you.¬†But if you are just a normal kind of biking person who can live with one bike the entire life time then a ceiling hanging bike rack would be suitable for you. This will give your wall an empty space for picture frames, diplomas, etc. However for bike athletes, a standing rack would be highly suggested. Standing racks can be used for training, plus to avoid the strain of carrying the bike and placing them in the hanging bike rack.
  • Set your budget. Although the price of hanging bike rack can range from $40 up to more than a hundred dollars you can still save money by doing your own customized hanging bike rack. There are lots of DIY hanging bike rack procedures in the internet which you could follow. All you need are hooks, cable wires and measurement skills.
  • Most importantly do you own the house or just renting? Hanging bike rack requires installation and permanently changing the main frames of the house which are walls and ceilings. So it is important that you have the rights to do so before making these actions, if not just settle for standing bike racks. This is not fixed, therefore you can carry it with you whenever you decided to move house.