Hand Held Steamers

Hand Held Steamers

Steam cleaners is a device which utilizes steam for cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting any flat surfaces. Some uses plain tap water and other requires chemical additives most likely the cheap ones. Hand held steamers are the miniature version of steam cleaners which can assume the duties of the normal sized steam cleaning appliances.

Hand held steamers can be a perfect gift idea this coming Christmas. Any recipient of these hand held steamers couldn’t be more happier for it will serve a lot of purposes in their life.

hand held steamers

How to Clean Hand Held Steamers

Cleaning a device which is used for heavy duty cleaning can really be hard most especially if you don’t know the techniques on how to easily loose hardened grease and dirt. Hand held steamers needs regular cleaning in order for it to achieve its purpose.

For the suction hand held steamers:

  • The nozzle is one of the filthiest parts of your hand held steamers since it is the point of entry of all the dirt. To clean the nozzle first pour 2 cups of water on a basin. Turn the suck engine and suck the water until the debris of dust, hair, etc. were all removed. Keep on doing the procedure until nozzle on your hand held steamers are clean. If using floor steam mops, pour the water on any non carpeted flat surface and slide it back and fort. Be sure not to do this on walking areas to prevent accidents.
  • Now its time to clean the hose. Fill a bucket or sink with warm water then add soap. Suck the water with soap to loosen all the dirt and suck clean water in order to rinse it. Hold the hose parallel with your body in order to drain all the remaining water into the hand held steamers’ recovery tank. Turn the device off, unplug it then remove the hose and let it dry.
  • Now for the tough part, cleaning the rest of the parts. To begin remove any fabric attachment cover. Some hand held steamers contains cleaning materials along with their package like brass brush and fabric brush, use it to clean the rest of the parts. But if there isn’t any, just use soft bristled brush instead. Brush a few strokes then soak it in the soapy water solution you made earlier fro about 30 minutes in order to loosen hard to remove dirt. Then wash it using lint free microfiber cloth then rinse it using a hot tap water. Place the attachments of you hand held clean steamers on a dry towel and let it dry.
  • When washing the water recovery tank of you hand held steamers pour the dirty water out first. Rinse any dirt on the bottom then place it in a soapy water. Same procedure with the attachments in rinsing and drying.
  • Do the same procedure for the lids and filter if there’s any and if applicable.
  • Wipe the exterior part of your hand held steamers using a damp cloth.
  • When everything is dry, assemble the parts.