Hammock research

A hammock is a great relaxation tool. The gentle swaying, the comfy reclined position and a light breeze set the stage for some time alone.

If you live anywhere with bugs, then you know how disappointing it is when those pesky insect start buzzing around. That almost is enough to send you hiking for the nearest mosquito free zone.

When my family offered to buy me a hammock for father’s day, the topic of bugs came up quickly. Living in a somewhat swampy area and we have lots of bugs. And I really dislike Mosquitos. We started investigating and found something that has turned out very well. It is a strong hammock that is constructed from the type of fabric that parachutes are cut from. That means that it is lightweight and very strong. It will also mean that the hammock will be very durable and last a long time. But the big feature is a built in bug netting tent.

The concern I had was how much the much the netting tent would interfere with the overall enjoy-ability of the hammock, the view and just even being able to the gentle breeze. Well, it all played out very well – the bugs are out and comfort is in.

Here’s a picture from inside the hammock, with the netting zipped up and as you can se, the view is only obstructed a little bit and it certainly is relaxing.


When you look for a hammock, keep those options in mind, and keep the bugs out.