Hagen Vision Bird Cage Model L12 31"x17"x37" – 83315

Vision® Cage

Re-Inventing the Avian Environment

The majority of bird cages on the market today come equipped with a pull-out drawer. One of the disadvantages of a pull-out drawer is that ofter the drawer itself is smaller than the cage base. This means that the bird waste often misses the drawer, dropping on to the base, thus forcing the consumer to dismantle the cage in order to clean the base as well as the drawer – a time consuming and messy process.

With the Vision® Home for Birds, we’ve eliminated the drawer. The “no drawer” cage design simplifies cage cleaning – just detach the cage portion and empty the contents of the base into the waste bin.

* Deep Base Design – Accommodates multiple types of litter. Raised ridges on the inside of the base provide air circulation to help prevent mildew.
* Exterior Seed/ Water Cup Access – Allows non-invasive access, reduces stress to the bird during maintenance.
* Multi-Grip Perches – Promotes circulation and helps prevent foot problems. Exterior perch access, reduces stress to bird during maintenance.
* 2-Step Cleaning Process – Vision “no drawer” design simplifies cleaning. Cage detaches from base for fast, easy maintenance.