Haan Steam Mop

Haan Steam Mop: A Guide To Haan Company’s History

The Haan Company was started by a young Korean housewife and mother Romi Haan who wants to put an end to everyday household chores women in Korea face daily. Koreans are very keen in keeping their floors sanitary and clean therefore women are washing the floors everyday. With the help of ingenious engineers, Romi decided to create a product that will do both duties of cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing. This resulted to the birth of Haan steam mop.

Haan Company which is known for producing selections of high quality Haan steam mop was first introduced in Korea. Romi, the founder of the company, continued to create varieties of steam cleaning products that will also deal with other cleaning demands not only floor surfaces. Haan steam mop became very popular, 3 out of 4 Koreans would prefer buying Haan brands.

haan steam mop

In 2007, the Haan Company expanded its market and open its first branch in the land of the star spangled banner. Many Americans were thrilled with Haan steam mop making it one of the most trusted brands in manufacturing steam cleaners. Romi Haan became one of the most successful entrepreneurs which earned her a spot in  “The Top 50 Women To Watch”. Romi continues to receive recognition from both international and national media and award giving bodies.


The Haan Company is very dedicated in providing quality products and best customer service. They have a very user friendly website which will give you all the information you need to know such as product information, parts and accessories, their steaming technology, warranty information, shipping policy, customer care and effective cleaning tips when using your Haan steam mop. From steam mops, garment steamers, portable steamers and other steaming devices, Haan has it all.

Reasons to Clean With Haan Steam Mop

  • Haan Steam Mop kills 99.9% of microorganisms even insects without using chemical additives unlike other steam cleaners which requires strong detergents that can be irritating and triggers allergy. Haan steam mop and other Haan units water temperature exceeds 212 degrees enough to create a steam that will eradicate harmful contaminants like salmonella, staphylococcus and E. coli. Haan steam mop produces powerful steam that loosens stains, removes dirt and even tough greases. It can also deodorizes your sofa, mattress and carpet from the smell of pet animals.
  • Haan steam mop is chemical free and environmental friendly cleaner. More people are starting to get conscious about products that may contain hazardous elements. Bleaching detergents, Lysol, to name a few, are some of the bactericidal and cleaning agents that are commonly used which produces irritating fumes. Haan steam mop is trusted in homes and hospitals because it is a safe and allergy free cleaning spree.
  •  Haan steam mop is an all around cleaning device. Ref, laundry areas, bathroom, kitchen, pantry shelves, upholstery, counter tops, toilet, sealed flooring, laminate, vinyl, children’s toys and many many more! Haan steam mop is very useful in hard or soft surfaces.
  • Haan steam mop can also be used in walls when removing outdated wall papers.