Graduation Party Dos and Donts

Graduation Party Dos and Donts

Graduation Party Dos and Donts: Attending Do’s

1. Actually greet your host.

Sometimes the actual graduate can get pushed to the back of the event, as there are many of times when guests haven’t seen each other in some time. Other guests may simply be good friends and therefore be more likely to talk to each other, rather than the graduate.

2. Bring a card and a gift

A card is a great start and should be a minimum inclusion. But graduates are really in need of some financial help and you should consider helping them out. Even if it’s just a small gift of $5 or $10 it will all add up to something big. Be a little part of something big.

3. Compliment the Food and decor

Your host has spent many hours cleaning and preparing for the party. They want you to feel comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere. They have spent a large amount of money on the food and beverages. They likely have spent a lot of money on even the simple things like paper plates and plastic utensils.

4. Be aware of your parking

Be aware that you are parking in the proper and allowed places and not just pulling up on the lawn, or blocking in people that might need to leave soon.  Simply be aware for a minute on your way in to the party and make sure your parking is considerate and appropriate. It’s not a big deal if you have to walk a little bit. As a matter of fact, they might even be aware that you had to park a bit away and will be reinforced what a wonderful guest you are.

Graduation Party Dos and Donts

Graduation Party Dos and Donts: Attending Don’ts

1. Don’t talk about all of the other parties you still have to attend or have been attending

Your host wants you to value the party you are attending. Quite frankly it’s a bit rude to be talking about how this party is just part of a whole bunch of events you ‘have’ to go to. Instead, talk about how special this party is and how much you value the invitation.

2. Don’t only sit by people you know

Mingle and get to know some people that you haven’t met before. Chances are that there are family members that might be very interesting to talk to and you’ll have a great chance at making some new friends.

3. Don’t Show up late or stay late

Be punctual. There is a time range on most graduation parties. Typically it can be the week-end of graduation and the family of the graduates have lots too do and put a time frame on the party for a reason. If you are having a great time and you really do want to linger a bit past the appointed time, offer to help clean up and be ready to be put to work.

4. Don’t talk about yourself too much.

Even if you are asked about how you are doing, don’t spend much time dwelling on yourself. Instead, think of some great questions you can ask to keep the focus on the graduate and their family.


Follow these simple Graduation Party Dos and Donts and you’ll be a super guest and have a great time.