Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth – Angels Can Help Us Earn Our Human Wings
How ready are we to open up our hearts to take guidance from our celestial guides? Angels have always been with us through time but in the last part of the past century people have been more open to accept that there is something bigger than ourselves.
There is a message that the angels have for us and they wish us to spread; love, heal and grow spiritually. They have sent us many messages and showing us that there is hope in truly loving one another.
Every time you see a major disaster that happens anywhere in the world like: tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes you feel the pain for others and at the same time we feel love for those people when we reach out by donating either money or items. That donation is a sign that we care and wish for those people to recuperate quickly.

Death is not the end of anyone because our spirit lives on. We equate death and disaster as a sign that the end is near when in fact it is the opposite. As long as we care and reach out to help those in need we are doing what the angels are here to teach us.

We are each other’s keeper globally. We no longer can sit and say “well, that is happening in another country and I cannot do anything about it” because now it has become very easy to send help ways of personally taking it, sending money quickly by internet or donating to our churches or organizations.

There is truth in the saying that is better to give than to receive. Our spirits get lifted every time we give and reach out to help someone in need. When we focus on someone else’s problem then our problems become minor. You can take away from your problems by focusing on someone else’s and doing something to reach out to help that person feel better.

Angels guide us in letting us know that to give does not necessarily mean monetarily or materialistic. You can help someone in need by giving them encouraging words and letting them know that tomorrow things will be better and those words will go a long way in the spiritual world; this way it can help you earn angel points.

Volunteering your time is another excellent way to help people in need. Sometimes touching somebody’s hand and giving them your warmth does more than just mere words. It does not matter how you do it but do something for somebody in need and earn your human wings.

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