Fruit Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Fruit Tattoo Designs

Fruit tattoo designs are pretty common nowadays, and have come to be enjoyed by mainly women. There are meanings to several different fruits which people have added to their bodies. Does fruit images on the skin make a person look more attractive? You can be the judge of that, but it can definitely be put there to signify something in a persons life that has meaning.

Cherry Fruit Tattoo Designs

The cherry is probably one of the more popular fruit designs that a lot of people have added to their bodies. This means in most cases feminine chastity, beauty, and purity as the fruit ripens on the tree. When it has been plucked from the tree and is in its singular form, it usually means a loss of innocence and good virtue. If the cherry has flames around it then it usually means the desire and passion a person has for something.

Fruit Tattoo Designs - cherry tattoo

Strawberry Fruit Tattoo Designs

Strawberries are another another fruit that is mostly gotten by females, but on occasion some males will get this one as you can see by the image of this ugly mug below. It too has meaning, and is a symbol of fertility, temptation, and passion. This guy must be flaming with passion to get it on his chin, unless that’s just a women with serious facial hair.

strawberry tattoo

So if you have been thinking of getting a tattoo and want it to be fruity here are the choices you might choose from.

Fruit Tattoo Designs include¬†Strawberry vine tattoo, cherry tattoo, banana tattoo, kiwi tattoo, watermelon tattoo, cherry blossom tattoo, and a cherry tree tattoo. If you haven’t already get an idea of how it looks from the strawberry tattoo Lauren Henderson has. Sorry we don’t have a cherry tattoo gallery or any more pictures and images of pictures of strawberry tattoos, but as I said before, I am not a big fan of fruit tats.

Fruit Tattoo Designs Rock!