Fluorescent Magnifying Lamp

What is Fluorescent Magnifying Lamp?

Are you fond of handcrafting hobbies like sewing and cross stitching but unable to do so during sundown? Are you a dedicated student or novel reader but can’t proceed without a magnifying glass at your hands and a flabby lampshade at your side? Well the fluorescent magnifying lamp is the perfect solution for your visual acuity needs.

Fluorescent magnifying lamp is the most advanced prototype of the ordinary lampshade you have in your living room, study room and bedroom. It is an all in one magnifying glass and light source which is very useful during times when your eyesight is not performing at its best. Fluorescent magnifying lamp consumes little space on your desk plus it is very handy, you could easily carry it with you when you’re looking for tiny lost items like earring, coin, ring, etc.

What are the Parts of Fluorescent Magnifying Lamp?

fluorescent magnifying lampFluorescent magnifying lamp is another science wonder. It comes in different shapes and sizes based on the demands of consumers. One of the latest designs are a similar shape to a tablet which is very appropriate for students who lives in a dorm full of room mates that can’t sleep with the lights on. You can still study in the dark by just placing the tablet on top of your notebook.

For those who are unfamiliar on how the basic fluorescent magnifying lamp works, here are its parts along with their purposes.

First is the power. The power indicates how large an object will appear on the field of view. The power can be denoted with symbols like 2x, 4x, 8x, etc. The field of view on the other hand is how you will be able to see an object, keep in mind that the higher the magnification power is the narrower the field of view will be. And last is the diopter which pertains to the curvature of the lens. Just like our eyes, the lens is responsible for converting light received from the retina to an image.

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Things You Need to Know about Fluorescent Magnifying Lamp

  • Fluorescent magnifying lamp is eye friendly which means it cannot bring harm on your precious eyes although you are exposed to intense light for quite a long period of time. Just remember to replace the fluorescent bulb immediately when you notice that its getting kind of dim. Additional information, genuine and quality fluorescent bulb can last up to 10,000 hours.
  • Fluorescent magnifying lamp comes out of the package already assembled. Unlike other stubborn lamps which you need to screw piece by piece. The only thing which is not attached to the fluorescent magnifying lamp is the bulb.
  • Fluorescent magnifying lamp has a replaceable lens. If you are not satisfied with the lens that comes along with the device you could always buy a separate one on hardware stores.
  • Fluorescent magnifying lamp’s magnifying features is so easy to use. Just pull the lamp towards the object to enlarge it and do the process in reverse if you want to zoom out.