Domestic Steam Cleaners

Domestic Steam Cleaners

Before, cleaning and disinfecting were two separate frustrating tasks. Scrubbing grease, stains and dirt on the floor were also a nightmare early housewives. Today we don’t have to endure such impediment because there are lots of domestic steam cleaners to assist us.

Bissell Company is one of the pioneers in manufacturing domestic steam cleaners. In the mid 1800s, Anna Bissell got tired of wasting huge time cleaning the carpet. One afternoon she convinced her mechanically inclined husband Melville Bissell to create a device that would solve the problem. Melville invented the first ever carpet sweepers that did not take time to become popular across United States.

The discovery that steam, when used properly, can easily remove tough stains and can also eradicate microorganisms causing diseases. These are the inspiration of Romi Haan, a Korean housewife turned CEO, to incorporate steam in a device used as domestic steam cleaners. Koreans are very particular about the cleanliness of their floors, therefore Korean women are brushing their floor everyday. Haan domestic steam cleaners became an instant sensation all over Korea and worked its way to become one of the trusted brands in America.

Shark, Smartliving, Dirt Devil and H2O are some of the known brands of domestic steam cleaners. Steam cleaning technology are not only popular in houses, even hotels, hospitals, and other establishments use domestic steam cleaners.

Choosing the Best Domestic Steam Cleaners

domestic steam cleaners

The first thing you need to consider when planning to buy your very own domestic cleaners is listing down the things that you are planning to do with it. If you’re going to used it for public establishments like hospital and hotels, then I suggest that you will stick to heavy duty domestic steam cleaners which has huge water tank capacities and longer steaming capacities. This will save you time in refilling water and reheating the steam and spend more time cleaning larger areas. For private use a steam mop will be enough to cover your needs. There are also portable domestic steam cleaners that you could bring with you if you travel a lot.

Another quality of the best steam cleaners is its capacity to heat the water in less than three minutes, other brands are also capable of heating water within 1 minute. In this way, you will not be wasting your time and you can go straight ahead to clean. However when heating the water, never leave your domestic steam cleaner unattended.

Domestic steam cleaners created today are light weight. This will avoid strains and fatigue due to maneuvering heavy appliances. Adjustable handles are also important in order to clean those hard to reach areas like the back of a furniture or your ceiling. When choosing a steam mop cleaner, you should pay attention to the detail of the head.The head should be ergonomically shaped to fit in small corners and under the cabinets. Power cords should also be long however you could always utilize extension cords.

Domestic steam cleaners are famous because it only use water for cleaning which is very cost effective. However there are other steam mops being offered at a low price but they require chemical additives like the Lysol Steam Mop.