Dirt Vacuum Reviews

Dirt Vacuum Reviews

Do you agree that vacuum cleaners are indeed life savers? Vacuum cleaners was invented to make cleaning not so much of an energy consuming and time wasting task. It was formerly named “floor sweepers” that picks up dirt and dust on the floors and carpets. And with the technological breakthrough, floor sweepers had undergone several changes to keep up with the demands of fast changing lifestyle. Today vacuum cleaners are equipped with a powerful suction motor to remove micro particles on the floor like hair, wood chips and dust mites. Modern floor sweepers also come with different aesthetics and features. Some of those are upright, canister, cordless, corded, bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners.

dirt vacuum reviews

Dirt Vacuum Reviews: Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners

Out of the several brands and models of vacuum cleaners being offered in the market right now, it is really quite difficult to make a wise decision. However reading dirt vacuum reviews can give you an instant hint on the real life performance of a vacuum cleaner based on the testimonials of the consumers who had an actual experience using the product.

Based on the 2011’s dirt vacuum reviews, here are the top 10 vacuum cleaners every home owner should have:

1. Bissell Healthy Home

According to dirt vacuum reviews, the Bissell Healthy Home is the perfect vacuum cleaner for pet lovers and those with high sensitivity to allergies. This vacuum cleaner has an air tight HEPA filtration system which traps dust and other particles which cause allergic reactions. In addition it has a microban antimicrobial  protection.

2. Dirt Devil Reaction

The brand name Dirt Devil is highly popular among dirt vacuum reviews because of its quality and affordability. The dirt devil reaction has a dual cyclonic action. The package is already equipped with rotating pet brush and hard floor brush. This model has a 4 year warranty and it’s all yours for a very low price of $150 only.

3. Dyson Slim

This vacuum brand (from upright, canister and hand held) uses a patented root cyclone technology which makes it high rated on dirt vacuum reviews. It is equipped with HEPA filtration system and a reusable filter that will save you money from purchasing vacuum bags.

4. Electrolux Ultra Canister

The Electrolux ultra canister is not only perfect for domestic cleaning at home, but it is also a trusted vacuum cleaner for commercial buildings. It is 27 lbs which is fair enough for a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. Equipped with sealed HEPA filtration system and crevice tools used for cleaning upholstery. It has an edgy and interesting look making it popular on dirt vacuum reviews.

5. Eureka Boss

The Eureka Boss is just one of the 130 vacuum models Eureka had produced and manufactured since 1909 way Back in Michigan. This model has lots of features and additional attachments that will surely meed your needs.

6. Eureka Capture

Another model from the brand Eureka made its way to the top 10 of best dirt vacuum reviews. The EZ roll wheels, HEPA filtration indoor quality, telescopic self cleaning duster, and dual powered edge cleaner are the features which made this product popular on dirt vacuum reviews.

7. Hoover Bagged Upright

Hoover is a popular brand of vacuum cleaner. Although vacuum cleaners of today offers bagless features, Hoover still likes them bagged. It has a light indicator to let you know if the bag needs replacement. It is composed of a brush agitator, 15 inch cleaning with and a HEPA filtration system.

8. Orex XL Deluxe

Not so quite popular brand. But it has hypoallergenic cleaning system, 3 years of free annual tune up and a patented technology that prevents odor and bacteria build up making it top rated at dirt vacuum reviews.

9. Roomba

It is a robotic vacuum cleaner which all you have to do is turn it on and it will deploy it self on the floor. It detects whether the area is clean or not plus it returns to its docking area when the job is done or if it needs recharging. Robot vacuum cleaners are all the sudden became a trending topic on dirt vacuum reviews.

10. Dyson Absolute Animal

This is for heavy duty cleaning that is gentle on your carpet and bare floors.