Dirt Devil Steam Mop

Dirt Devil Steam Mop

Let’s travel back in time to know how does the dirt devil steam mop got it’s catchy name.

There is a long story behind the Dirt Devil Company which can be traced back in the backyard of Mr. Geier in the year 1905. During that time Mr. Geier, the founder of P.A. Geier company started creating vacuum cleaners called Royal Vacuum Cleaners. Geier company was just a one man team back then until the company expanded into a four story factory building. Royal vacuum cleaners became an instant sensation to American household.

Mr. Geier began expanding the lines of his products by producing other household appliances like washing machines. In 1937, the company brought the first hand held vacuum cleaner in the market naming it as the Royal Prince. When World War II started, American companies including Geier were diverted into creating products for military purposes. But the shipment of Royal vacuum cleaners was still unstoppable.

Geier Company was bough by Walter E. Scott Organization in 1953 and they renamed it Royal Appliance Manufacturing. Despite the continues success of the company, Scott Organization suddenly lost interest on it. The employers, led by Stan Erbor bought the company in 1954. After 30 years, the starting $5 million dollar profit grew to a multi million dollar company.

In 1984, the company introduced a new line of hand held vacuums and named it Dirt Devil. Since then Dirt Devil became a popular household name therefore the company decided to adapt it as their new name. Today, dirt devil steam mop are in demand in all forms of domestic cleaning.

Reasons to Buy Dirt Devil Steam Mop

dirt devil steam mopDirt devil steam mop are modernly designed and not to mention, very convenient to use. The dirt devil steam mop has 1500 watt heater, an ergonomically designed handle which is adjustable for hard to reach areas, an 18 foot power cord, rotating head and a light indicator that warns you when the dirt devil steam mop is ready to work.

Dirt devil steam mop is both economic and eco friendly. It uses only tap water in sterilizing surfaces, no need for chemical solutions! Dirt devil steam mop is also very time efficient for it only takes half a minute for the water to warm up. What’s unique about the dirt devil steam mop is its triangularly shaped head that allows thorough cleaning of corners.

Dirt devil steam mop are fantastic to use in all floor types! On top of that, dirt devil steam mop is one of the most affordable maps that really performs well. Each model comes along with a two layered micro fiber pads that can be washed in the washing machine.

To summarize the reason why you need to bring your very own dirt devil steam mop, first it works well on any surface either tiles, hardwood floors, marbles, and many others. It is very small and light weight which is less demand for energy.

The only disadvantage of the dirt devil steam mop is its small water tank. Apart from that, it is a product that is worth your penny.