Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum

Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum

The brand name dirt devil had undergone series of name changes and ownership transfers before it retained its house hold name and became a widely recognized brand.

The company started in humble beginnings at the backyard of Mr. Geier, an ambitious entrepreneur back in 1905. P.A. Geier Company was a former one man team until the company expanded into a four story building then Royal Vacuum Cleaners became an instant sensation.

Mr. Geier did not only focused on vacuum cleaners, he also began manufacturing other household appliances like washing machines and hair dryers making the brand name Royal popular through the years. In 1937 the company produced the first ever American handheld vacuum cleaner and named it the Royal Prince.

In the 1980’s the company released new models of handheld vacuum cleaners naming it Dirt Devil. From then on, the company adapted its name. Today Dirt Devil is responsible for manufacturing high end vacuum cleaners like dirt devil canister vacuum which are reasonably priced.

Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum Models

Jaguar Power Pak Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum.

review vacuum cleanersLike most high end vacuums, this has a HEPA filtration system that filters almost 99% of dirt, dust and debris on your home. It is composed of 12 amp motor guard technology that powerfully sucks everything on its path. This type of dirt devil canister vacuum is highly applicable on both carpeted and non carpeted floors. Other spectacular features of this dirt devil canister vacuum includes on-bard tools, electronic variable speed control, automatic cord rewind, metal wands and an indicator that will let you know if the vacuum bag is full.



Vision Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum

review vacuum cleanersHighly recommended for homes with varying surfaces. It comes with complete tools such as telescope wand, upholstery tool, dusting brush, floor nozzle, crevice tool and carpet nozzle. This dirt devil canister vacuum is powered with 12 amp motor, lightweight and bagless. It has a HEPA filtration system leaving your air and surfaces allergen and dirt free.



Turbo Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum Cleaner

review vacuum cleanersThis are perfect if your family members are allergic. It has a uniquely designed vacuum bag that traps dust and allergens, plus it has light indicator that will give you a hint when it is time for to throw your vacuum bag away. Vacuum power and speed are adjustable depending on the floor surface you are dealing with which are perfect for transition when cleaning carpets to smooth surfaced floors. Very light weight and handy, convenient to carry along with you when cleaning stairs. It also has a 5 foot extension in order to reach ceilings and top shelves. This dirt devil canister vacuum is powered by 12 amp motor, complete with foot controls and on-board, clear brushroll, dusting brush, crevice tool and an automatic cord rewind.


Purpose for Pets Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum Cleaners

review vacuum cleanersFrom floors, ceilings, and even stubborn pet hairs are no match to this vacuum cleaner. It has a metal telescoping wand feature that extends up to 45 inches. It too is powered by 12 amp motor, HEPA filtration system, 20 ft cord and floor nozzle.