Digital Music Distribution

Digital Music Distribution

Before the digital age the only way to enjoy music was on fixed media like records or cassette tapes. Now between video and music much of the bandwidth of the your internet is consumed. Don’t focus on CD sales but rather on the bigger picture that your music can be made available all over the world by taking advantage of digital music distribution.

digital music distribution

Advantages of Digital Music Distribution

  • Speed of mark penetration
  • Low overhead cost
  • No product to ship and distribute (fulfillment)
  • No Inventory to replace or accept returns on

Sources for Digital Music Distribution

If you would like to distribute your music digitally, then there are a number of great music distribution

Sign Up on Amazon To Sell Music – allows to you to upload your music and even sell your music

themusicfeed .com is another place you can take advantage of digital music distribution.

Unpaid Digital Music Distribution

If you do not care about getting paid for your digital music, then there are tons of options:

Myspace – Use the free music upload option for myspace and start making friends online who can sample and buy your music.

YouTube – you can make a simple “video” with the lyrics or some random photos if you do not have a music video. You can pay to promote and then interconnect that with your music on a site like to get the best of both worlds.

Internet Radio – Another way to get your songs heard and promote your music. Internet radio channels are always looking for fresh new music they can play to keep their listeners entertained. Your music may be just the ticket.

Digital Music Distribution Associations or Groups

Taxi News is a great online resource for artists who are looking for outlets for their music. In addition to finding ways to distribute your music, you may also find new opportunities to get paid to create music.

Always Read the Fine Print

Research the fine print of each Digital Music Distribution company before making any final agreements. You may want to get legal advice too. We do not guarantee the details of an of the contacts we have provided, although to the best of our knowledge they are reputable companies that appear to be providing a legitimate service in the Digital Music Distribution field.

If you would like more information about Digital Music Distribution please leave a comment below and we will do our best to help.