Decorative Curtain Rods

Decorative curtain rods come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. Once you have identified the theme of your room then you can add the perfect touch to your decor by adding a nice decorative curtain rod. Here are a few curtain rods we found to be our top picks.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron can give your room a cozy country look. This curtain rod is typically black and has a birdcage looking finial on the ends. You can also get a wrought iron rod with a brushed nickel finish which is really classy looking.

Twist and Fit

Hardware is not a problem with this decorative curtain rod. No tools, no screws, no holes are required! Now that alone has my vote! All you do is twist the decorative rod into the window area. This rod comes in satin nickel, black, or cocoa. You can find these types of rods at Walmart or Target.

Medieval Hook

These types of decorative curtain rods are very popular. They are the ones that have the curly cue on the ends. They compliment almost any decor and are perfect for a more simplified look.

Canopy Eyelet Decorative Curtain Rods

Canopy has some really great products and the prices aren’t too bad either. One of these products is the Eyelet decorative rods. They are made of sturdy metal and are heavy so the curtains will not fall down. They have finials that look like an eye or a loop.

Always check to make sure that the decorative curtain rods you choose are sturdy enough to hold up your curtains. Sometimes, especially if you are like me and buy a lot online, they look one way but one you get them in hand they look and feel totally different than expected.