Decals for Boats

Decals for Boats

decals for boatsBoats look especially great with decals on them, especially speed boats. Some boats would look downright boring without some great decal graphics. If you want to take an average boat and make it stand out from the crowd, whether it is sitting at the dock or zipping past then you could add some decals for boats!

The primary application of decals for boats are the license number. Boats owners are required to display their license number in a visible manner and according to the State guideline in which the boat is registered. If you do not yet have decals for boats with your license number, then you should immediately call the license bureau and find out what the requirements are. They will normally have an actual license sticker that you need to apply along with the license number in approx 2″  -3″ high text.

decals for boats license

Graphic Decals for Boats

If you want to have your boat customized with great decals for boats then you need to start with a design. One of the

decals for boatseasiest ways to do that is to start with with a clean enlarged photograph of your boat from each side. Print those out and start sketching what you might like. You can also look around and see what other people have done, so you can learn from the great things they did and also learn the things you don’t want to do.

You can find packages of predesigned decals for boats. They are a lot less expensive that have your boat professionally decalled, but you will be working with pre-designed graphics that anyone and everyone may already have.


When you have the design professionally computerized, then you could also take photos of boats of graphics that you like so they will have a definite visual of what you’re after. Designers of decals for boats will get a better feel for what you are trying to accomplish if they can see other designs. Your sketch will also shave hours of work off  that will save you time and money.

decals for boats


Decals for Boats and Digital Printing

The addition of digital printing on decals for boats is a wonderful way to add graphics to your boat. many of the digital graphics however would be adversly affected by the sea water and also prolonged exposure to sunlight. This will cause premature peeling and fading that will make your boat look less appealing after only a season ortwo in the water. If you go this route, make sure the producers of the digital printing understand that it is for a boat and that is will be exposed to the elements. They can add coatings to your digital decals for boats tha will prolong its life as long as possible. Be prepared to have it replaced in a couple years to keep your boat looking amazing. Of course by then you may already be ready for a different and more updated design. Who knows – people might be thinking that you have gotten a new boat.

The addition of decals for boats will make your boat stand out!