Crime shows on TV

Crime shows on TV

CSI, Numb3rs, White Collar, Psych, Criminal Minds, NCIS are just a couple of the many crime shows on tv.

What is your favorite? You might even have a few that are on the top of your list, don’t you?

I was wondering about why I enjoy watching those types of shows so much. I think there are a few reasons

1) I enjoy watching people who have done worse things than I have
2) I secretly enjoy watching them always get caught and brought to justice for their crimes
3) sometimes I cheer for the criminal who I think should get let off
3) I dream about having the power to figure out all the evil things others have done and the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong.

crime shows csi criminal minds
I’m not proud of an of these three items. Actually I think I’m embarrassed about them more than anything. Perhaps ashamed too. Really it doesn’t fit with what I believe about crime or what I believe about people.

I guess I should consider some more about my enjoyment out of the shows, or stop watching them until I get things figured out.

I suppose as long as I’m thinking about crime shows, I also seem to like court shows. My favorite is probably the People’s Court. But there are tons more. Joe Brown, Divorce Court etc. but those court shows are about the same as the dime dramas and for that matter are most movies.

My desire to know good and evil doesn’t just stop there… it also means that I want to act on on my determination of what is right and what is wrong. My judgement and evaluation after all Is the best, isn’t it? Well to me I suppose at least.

crime shows csi criminal minds

Let’s be a little more careful about how we approach other people and how we judge everything they do.