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Cockatiel Bird Cages – 3 Things to Consider When Buying a Cockatiel Bird Cage    by John Kaisen

Cockatiels are attractive, colorful birds, very friendly and easy to train. One of the most popular birds kept as pets, they are renowned for their whistling ability. A bird with this talent and reputation deserves a very special cage and below I’ll outline what you need to know about buying a cockatiel bird cage.Tip 1:

What Space Will You Need?Before you start your shopping for a cage, know how much space you have available. Remember that this is a stand up cage and will need clear floor space to accommodate it. Make sure you have easy access to the cage in order to clean it and change food and water on a regular basis.Tip 2: How Big is Big Enough?Cockatiels are not the smallest of domesticated birds. They are, in fact, larger than a parakeet. Any bird cages should be big enough to accommodate their occasional need to spread their wings. So you’ll need a MEDIUM SIZE, STAND UP CAGE with bars no farther than 1/2 inch to 5/8 inches apart.Tip 3: Look before you Leap.Before purchasing, go to your local pet store and see if they have any cockatiel bird cages in stock. Check the dimensions, and judge how much space you’re going to need to fit one into your home.

These cages can be a lot bigger than you realize so measure up. The store may have the specifications for you, or you can just bring along a tape measure.BONUS TIP: Check online for suppliers. Simply type in something like bird cages cockatiels or cockatiel bird cages into any search engine and you’ll get lots of sources of information. Chances are, you’ll find your ideal cage for a better price when you shop around. Check out delivery times, delivery charges and returns policy. You don’t want to be stuck with a bird cage that doesn’t suit your cockatiel.

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John Kaisen has been rearing birds for about 10 years now. Let us help you find a bird cage that’s right for you, your bird and your home.

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