Childrens Cowboy Hats

Childrens Cowboy Hats: How to Measure Your Children’s Head?

When measuring not only the head part, always start on the middle and work your way around to get the entire circumference. The process will be easier with a tape measure, but if no tape measure is around you could use a ribbon or the tie of a rubber shoes then measure it using a ruler afterwards. Measuring for childrens cowboy hats can be easy since they are at the age where they start to behave unlike toddlers and infants. Just tell them to stay still during the whole measuring process so that it would be accurate.

Here are the possible interpretations of your measurement reading.

Childrens cowboy hats  Sizing Chart

19-19 3/4″…………… 6 1/4 or CHILD (50)

20 1/4″…………………6 3/8 or CHILD (51)

21″ ……………………..6 1/2 or CHILD (52)

21 1/4″ ………………..6 5/8 or CHILD (53)

Good thing about childrens cowboy hats is that they could use it up to their teenage years, so it is quite important to use more mature designs for them. They might be fond of wearing Jessie and Woody childrens cowboy hats today but not after 5 years.

Tips in Wearing Childrens Cowboy Hats

  • Proper fitting of a childrens cowboy hats are important. To much tight can
  • childrens cowboy hatscause headache which may lead to tantrums and irritation of your children.
  • Match the color of the childrens cowboy hats in their boots. Color coordination is what rocks an outfit.
  • Sometimes it is important to let your children choose what they want. It gives them a sense of freedom and independence, plus it can develop their early sense of style.
  • Let them play and get into character. It is expected when you dress your children into a head to toe cowboy outfit they will behave like real cowboys (which means messing around). Childrens cowboy hats which are made from leather can be too expensive, so since they are still kids who’s minds are pre-occupied with playing just give them cowboy hats which are made from leather imitation or straw hats.
  • Choose colorful childrens cowboy hats or styles that signifies cartoon characters. Children love it when they get to become one of their favorite cartoon characters which is why WOODY hats are so famous.
How to Fix Ill Fitting Childrens Cowboy Hats
When buying products online you can’t really be sure of an accurate fitting by just basing on the sizes and measuring, it is really important that you tried the cowboy hats first. If ever that situation happens to you, here are some helpful tips so that you could still get the most out of your ill fitting childrens cowboy hats.
  • Using a measuring tape, measure the interior of the childrens cowboy hat.
  • While keeping the measure in mind, cut a piece of adhesive weatherstripping with the same length.
  • Remove the paper from the weatherstripping then apply it into the interior of the crown. This will help the childrens cowboy hat stay in place and prevents it from falling.
  • For tight hats, you can use a commercial hat stretcher. Just always warm the texture of the crwon using a hot water or a blow dryer. However it might ruin a cowboy hat that is poorly made.