Celebrity Tattoos And Their Meanings

Celebrity Tattoos

Tattoos already existed since the prehistoric times in the form of black ink and blades. Today tattoos are more colorful plus there are lots of designs you could choose from. Every symbol tattooed in an individual’s body signifies a meaningful event, story or person. Others also believe that getting more tattoo make them look tough and stronger to other people since they endured the pain of needles penetrating their skin hundred times per minute.

Although there are still group of people who are not open minded to the idea of body modification, there are numerous celebrities who are proud of their tattoo.

Whose Celebrity Tattoos?

Among other celebrity tattoos there is Scarlett Johansson has a brightly colored circular tattoo on her left inner forearm which she had in 2007. She said that this tattoo symbolizes the sunshine on her life. RNB singer Rihanna recently added a star tattoo on her name, aside from the tattoo of a gun in her hand which signifies her new found strength after the crisis with ex boyfriend Chris Brown. Penelope Cruz has a tattoo 888 on her right ankle, although the Pirate’s of the Caribbean star don’t want to comment on it people say that maybe it’s her love for numerology.

Britney Spears Celebrity Tattoos

The majestic pop star princess Britney Spears recently added another tattoo to the list of celebrity tatoos, a lip smack on her wrist and a cross onher hip. She honestly confessed to the media that she cried out loud when getting these tattoos because their awfully painful. Former 98◦ singer Nick Lachey has been spotted to fill the center of his sun tattoo to cover up the 98◦ symbol when the group disbanded.

The Mighty Joe Young actress Charlize Theron had a matching Koi tattoos, the Japanese symbol of love, in her right foot. Another on the list of celebrity tattoos list is Desperate housewife Eva Longoria has a NINE tattoo on the back of his neck which is the jersey number of ex husband Tony Parker.

Singer song writer Michelle Branch sported a tattoo of a cowboy girl holding a gun which occupies the entire length of her left forearm. Although people told her that she was crazy in getting that tattoo, she said that it’s still her favorite.

Posh spice husband David Beckham has more than 10 tattoos, which includes the name of his wife Victoria. The soccer player said that each tattoo he had is meaningful, its either something to do with his family or something he believes that will protect himself and his family.

And who could ever forget of Evangeline Salt, Angelina Jolie who has numerous tattoos in her body. Her recent body art was on her right arm showing the coordinates of the birthplaces of her four children:  which are the countries Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia and Vietnam.

These celebrities show that there’s no problem with getting a tattoo. celebrity tattoos are OK.  However it should undergo careful planning and decision making. Remember these tattoos are for a life time, unlike a nail polish which you can remove with cotton balls and alcohol when you want to get rid of them. Choose the design that is close to your heart and make sure that the tattoo shop you are going to is an expert and only uses sterilized needles.

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