Ceiling Mount Tv Bracket

Ceiling Mount TV Bracket

Plasma, LED, and LCD televisions ranging from 32 to more than 65 inches are what you can find in every one’s home nowadays. People invest too much on entertainment systems so they could treat themselves in a home theater experience during their day off without going to movie houses. But of course you have to buy brand new stands to accommodate your new television, the wider the television the bigger it requires when it comes to stands. However big and bulky stands won’t work on houses with limited spaces, while TV corner stands can’t simply accommodate wide screened TVs – this requires the need for ceiling mount TV bracket.

Ceiling mount TV bracket is similar to TV wall mount bracket. Flat panels are installed and secured to the ceiling using brackets and screws. You don’t have to worry about ruining your expensive television because flat panels are made from light weight materials and are designed to be hung on the wall. Storing your television using ceiling mount TV bracket is a great way to add modern and neat look in your living room.

Ceiling Mount TV Bracket: Installation Guide

ceiling mount TV bracket

Modern flat screen TVs are made to be mounted, therefore each of them has a recommended bracket you can use for mounting. Always refer to the manual to get tips about the advised ceiling mount TV bracket. Gather the needed materials and take note if there’s an additional requirement for screws.

Choose between the types of ceiling mount TV bracket. There are three types to choose from: flat ceiling mount TV bracket, tilting ceiling mount TV bracket, and the swiveling ceiling mount TV bracket.

  • The flat ceiling mount TV bracket is the easiest to install and cheapest among the three, it also mounts your TV closest to the wall (2-3 inches apart). However it doesn’t have tilting or swiveling abilities, once you mount in on your ceiling there’s no way you could change the viewing angle. This can be suggested to use in bedrooms (literally on top of your bed) since you won’t have to move to other places before sleeping at night.
  • ¬†Tilting ceiling mount on the other hand has arms that can be folded and you can tilt your television vertically.
  • Swiveling ceiling mount TV bracket or also known as full motion TV bracket has the capability of adjusting in all directions (left, right, up, or down)

Next is deciding which part of the ceiling are you planning to install it. And although flat screens are not as heavy as picture tube TVs, make sure that your ceiling is strong enough to be able to support at least 100 lbs of weight. Ladders are also needed in order for you to reach the ceiling and determine if how many people do you need for lifting the flat screen from the floor on to the ceiling mount TV bracket. If you are not comfortable in the installation process, you could always hire an expert to help you most especially in dealing with the cable wires.