Bike Trailer Hitch

Bike Trailer Hitch

Bike trailer hitch is one of the types of bike carriers for cars. Cars, SUV’s or pick up trucks that has a readily available trailer hitch at the back of their vehicle usually prefer this type of bike carriers.

Bike Trailer Hitch Yakima Product Specification and Reviews

bike trailer hitch

The Yakima Holdup 2 Bike Hitch Rack. The rear wheel cradle has an adjustable straps that will fit on almost all types and size of wheels and tires. This bike trailer hitch does not require removal of the front wheel when mounting plus there are less contact on the frames. It includes the 6 ft cable which are needed for locking both rack and bike. The receiver hitch size are available from 1.25 inch to 2 inches. This type of bike trailer hatch weights 49 pounds and can transport 2 bicycles.


  • This bike trailer hitch is stable and cause only minimal sways during rough ride.
  • The yakima holdup 2 bike hitch trailer is very durable.
  • Can be installed easily and not difficult to use.
  • Versatile. Applicable to any bikes of all kinds and sizes.


  • The lock mechanisms were poorly made and designed.
  • The placement of the release button not quite applicable.
  • Mounting the bikes are quite tricky.
  • The bike trailer hitch is quite heavy.
  • The cables which are used for locking the bikes are short.
bike trailer hitch
Yakima Swing Daddy Hitch Rack. Like other bike trailer hitch this design is very versatile , it can cater all bikes of different sizes and types. The arms are padded which are also adjustable. It has an anti sway feature that prevents the bike from hitting each other during rough driving. You can mount 4 bicycles. It also has an included security cable.
  • This bike trailer hitch is very easy to install and very convenient to use.
  • The anti sway motion is effective.
  • It is very durable.
  • Well, its expensive.
  • The cables loosens when driving on rough roads.
  • Small bikes may be difficult to install.
bike trailer hitch
Yakima Double Down Hitch Rack. This bike trailer hitch can hold 5 bicycles. Capable to hold all bikes however adapter, which is sold separately, may be required for kid’s and women’s bikes. The arms can be lowered when not in use and once the bikes are moved, the bike trailer hitch can be tilted down to provide access on the back of the vehicle. This bike trailer hitch has also an anti sway feature to prevent bike damages. There are also chain straps which is used to securely anchor bikes in place.
  • This type of bike trailer hitch is easy to install.
  • The weight is reasonable.
  • No question about its durability
  • All the five bikes should be alike. If one is different, for example a woman’s bike, then it is impossible to mount 5 bikes in this bike trailer hitch.
  • The device can be unstable when improperly installed.
  • Mounting mountain bikes can be slight difficult.
  • If you are not planning to mount 5 bikes then just settle for those bike trailer hitch that are smaller than this.

Bicycle Carriers For Cars

Bicycle Carriers For Cars

Before, travelling with bicycles were only possible with a pick up truck or a separate trailer. Now transporting a bike is made easier with the innovative and versatile bicycle carrier for cars.

Bicycle Carriers For Cars: Hitch Mounted Type

If your car or track has a readily available hitch at the rear (usually Class I hitches with 1.25 inch openings),then these kind of bicycle carriers for cars might be appropriate for you. A hitch mounted type has several brands and models that caters bikes of most sizes. A hitch carrier for cars can hold 5 bicycles, depending on the model that you will choose. You could buy these type of bicycle carriers for cars less than $100 to $400.

Pros: These form of bicycle carriers for cars have less chances of scratching the paint of your vehicle when mounting the bicycles in place. Doesn’t require extra effort in lifting the bikes unlike roof carriers. It’s easy to install and there’s no need to remove the front wheels when mounting the bikes.

Cons: Vehicles who don’t have trailer hitch might spend more money for installation and it does require drilling holes in the vehicle’s chassis. These type of bicycle carriers for cars can be also a potential threat for an accident because the driver may have difficulty viewing the rear window. Like most bicycle carriers for cars, this model may need extra padding between each bikes to prevent them from hitting each other.

bicycle carriers for cars

 Bicycle Carriers For Cars: Trunk Mounted Type or Strap On

You can buy these bicycle carriers for cars for only $40 – $140 making it the most cheapest of all kinds. The trunk mounted’s straps are attached to the car’s hatchback, rear bumper or trunk. It is important that you strap the carriers to the vehicle and properly place the frame supports and arms to balance it before adding the bikes. Up to three bikes can be transported in these type of bicycle carriers for cars.

Pros: Affordable, easily stored, easy lifting, and perfect for rented vehicles since it is detachable.

Cons: These kind of bicycle carriers for cars have the higher chances of giving damage to you vehicle. Trunk cannot be used for storage when attached. Additional straps are needed to secure the bike. In addition, straps need to be checked and replaced from time to time because it can loose, snap or wear out. Locking mechanism can be difficult to initiate. Since it is placed on the rear end of your car covering the lights, there are chances where in you might be issued a ticked if the police did not noticed you signals. And like other models wherein the bikes are at the rear of the vehicle, the driver might have difficulty in getting a view at the back causing some accidents. You might want to exert a lot of thinking before purchasing these kind of bicycle carriers for cars, yes it is cheap at first but if it needed to buy additional straps and frequent straps replacement then just buy a more expensive yet one time spending.

Bike Racks for Trucks

Types of Bike Racks for Trucks

  • Tail – Gator Bike Racks for Trucks. It can hold two bikes and it does not need any accessories or tools to install. Tail-gator bike racks are versatile, it can fit in any size of pick up trucks. Since it is installed on the rear end of your truck, it gives the flat bed of your truck more space for other items. It takes only 5 quick straps to make this installation procedure. Tail-gator can be also folded when not in use.

bike racks for trucks

  • Advantage Bed Rack. These type of bike racks for trucks can hold four bikes. The bikes assume a standing position during the trip and each bike are securely placed in each racks. You don’t have to worry of drilling holes at the back of your pick up because this kind of bike racks for trucks involves no drilling and no other necessities required. Just simply place the rear wheels of the bike into the rack, position the foam wheel stabilizers on the rims then slide the wheel tensioner to keep the bike held in place.
bike racks for trucks
  • Thule. These type of bike racks for trucks can only hold one bike in the truck bed. It has a quick release fork mount design that is responsible for easy and fast loading of bikes at the same time keeping them secure from turns and bumps. The frames are screwed and drilled on the truck bed.

bike racks for trucks

  • Soft ride shuttle pad. It can hold 6 bikes plus it protects both the bicycle and tailgates. All you have to do is to simply install these bike racks for trucks on your tailgate plus the 6 soft wraps to secure the bikes. It is the most convenient form of installation among all other bike racks for tracks. It requires no drilling, clamping and other tools. These bike racks for trucks are available in two sizes: 54″ and 61″.
bike racks for trucks

Things to Consider When Buying Bike Racks for Trucks

The garage is the first thing you should look at and not the store when choosing bike racks for trucks. Inspect your vehicle and look at the rear end if there are readily available trailer hitch where you could attach rear bike racks.

Next is determine how many bikes are you going to place in the bike racks. There are bike racks that are able to hold up to five bicycles. But if you are not going to use those, its better to settle on bike racks that only holds one or two bikes.

It is also important to measure the size of the bikes. There are some bike racks for trucks that have size specifications. If the bike does not fit properly on the rack, the rack might not be able to hold and secure it.

Next is if you prefer to leave the flat bed of your truck empty then you should probably get a tail gate therefore you could have more room at the back of you pick up truck. But tail gait model can only hold two bicycles, so if you are bringing more than two then a soft ride and the advantage bed rack model is the right one for you.

Bike Racks for SUVs

Bike Racks for SUVs

Let’s face it, when choosing bike racks for SUVs you are dealing with two important matters. The first one is you need a form of bike racks that will do less invasive damage to your precious vehicle, and the second one is you need a bike racks that will be able to protect and secure your bike when travelling.

Choosing the Appropriate Bike Racks for SUVs

bike racks for SUVs

There are tons of bike racks for SUVs that you could find in the market. And when humans have many choices, they tend to become overwhelmed and choose the wrong choice. Therefore when heading the store you must always put your needs on top.

  • Ask yourself first is if how often you will need these bike racks for SUVs. If you travel your bikes a lot then you will need a more heavy duty models of bike racks for SUVs like probably a hitch mounted bike rack or a spare tire bike rack. However these can be expensive. If you are not going to use these bike racks frequently then a trunk mounted bike racks for SUVs if is suitable enough for you. It can be detachable when not in use plus it is very affordable.
  • How many bikes do you need to carry? If you are carrying a lot of bikes then you must choose the appropriate bike rack for your vehicle. A hitch mounted bike rack is suggested for bringing 5 bicycles.
  • Do you own your car or is it just borrowed or rented? Heavy duty bike racks for SUVs needed to be installed in the car which can cause minimal invasive procedures. Therefore if you do not possess ownership of these vehicles I suggest that the trunk mounted bike rack is applicable since it can be detached easily.
  • Know your budget limits. This is essential not only for buying bike racks for SUVs but also to other things. State in your budget how much is allocated for purchasing a bike rack, installation expenses and payment for the man power. If you have a budget in mind, it would be easier for you to decide which bike rack you will buy.
  • If the bike rack that you have chosen will cause huge changes to the point wherein you have to switch cars with your wife, then don’t buy it. Bike racks for SUVs should be providing solutions for you and not you finding ways on how these bike racks should work.
  • How much is the capacity of your vehicle? If you are putting so much weight in it the vehicle may not perform its usual performance. Also adding additional weight in any vehicle could have a significant changes in its gas mileage capacity.
  • If your SUV have a readily available tow hitched then you should probably consider buying a hitch mounted bike racks for SUV, this saves you money for buying hitch and time for the installation procedures. If your SUV have a roof mounted utility rack then you might also consider buying roof mounted bike rack instead.