Planning Ahead Does Not Mean Being Negative

Planning Ahead Does Not Mean Being Negative

When you think about travel insurance it is kinda easy to start thinking negative right away. After all, the only reason to buy insurance is to cover the damage when something bad happens. So your mind can start churning out ideas of all the horrible things that can happen. You start thinking back to stories you’ve heard from other people and all the bad things they have heard from other people and most of the time it’s been exaggerated quite a bit to begin with.


5 Free Tips to Stay Positive When thinking Ahead to buying travel insurance

  • Remember that once you buy it, you will have peace of mind
  • Most of the time when we buy it, we don’t need it. The odds are in your favor!
  • Don’t focus on the negative stories, but rather on the positive stories of how much it has helped people when they’ve been in a real jam and had to place else to turn.
  • Think about the fun you’re going to have on the trip – which is the whole reason you’re going!
  • Don’t get bogged down by the process. Find a simple place to make the transaction easy and cost effective.

Travel Horror Stories

Just like you, I’ve heard lots of travel stories and may of them turn out to be nightmares. Luggage lost or stolen, bookings handled improperly, hotel rooms broken into and rental car accidents. With so may potential bad outcomes, it’s so exciting to hear about the few good stories that happen from time to time. When you are traveling internationally to a foreign country, travel insurance increases in importance, but many people forget about domestic travel insurance as well. You need basic travel insurance whenever you are taking a trip, and you need to get it every time you leave on a trip or vacation.

Travel Insurance Tips:

  • Check with your homeowners insurance agency or agent and find out what coverage you already have that is included with your home owners insurance policy.
  • Call AAA and see what may be included in your membership with AAA – they often have standard inclusions in your membership that you may not be aware of, or are not taking advantage of. You’re already paying for it, so use it!
  • Check your rates – once you find a good agency to acquire your travel insurance from, then you need to check their rates every year or 2. Especially if you are a frequent traveler and don’t have any incidents, you should be eligible for discounts.

Share Your travel Stories

We enjoy telling about our travels and travel insurance is something that is not often talked about. We assume that people know about it, have it, or just don’t want to talk about that side of things, because we don’t want to scare them right before they leave on a trip of their own. But that is not what they need. They need real sound advice coming from your experiences. Share the bad thins that have happened, but add the happy ending that comes from having proper travel insurance and you will be being a true friend that will save your friends from much grief and pain, or at minimum make the pain of a bad experience easier to bear.

1 stop travel insurance

Travel is so much fun and very rewarding. There’s not much better in life that a journey to a new location and discovering untold beauty and unique cultures.

But, when unforeseen tragedy strikes or an accident happens, most travels are left un-prepared and feel very helpless. If you take the time to educate yourself about the various options and pitfalls of 1 stop travel insurance, you will be in the top few percentage of people who actually are informed.

So spend a few minutes on our site, visit out other pages and you’ll be more prepared to deal with what comes on your next voyage.