Heart Rate Monitors

Good Price or Good Quality?

Naturally we are looking to spend as little as possible on a nice heart rate monitor and if we can get a heart rate pedometer and other cool features included, then so much better. But the age old challenge in making a decision is do we invest more upfront and get something of higher quality or do we save our money and get the cheapest one on the market?

Will you use it?

Sometimes new gadgets don’t turn out to be all that helpful or we don’t actually use them the way we envision them at the time of purchase. This is a common reason why our gadgets and junk end up in a drawer and not being used. So a thought and reason for purchasing a cheaper heart rate monitor to start is to discover if you will really use it functionally. Don’t let your good intentions decide on making a big purchase up front. Be patient and start with something a little more reasonable, then move up to a more extravagant purchase.

My advice:

Purchase something a bit cheaper to start with. Then if you find and see that we are using it a lot then you can see the value in investing more and purchase a higher end model. Spending the initial lower amount will be offset by the chance that you really don’t need a higher end model at all. Often you will discover features that you didn’t know about that may be significant and important to you. You may realize that a watch style suits your needs just fine, or you may find that a chest strap is more to your likely and more accurate. Naturally defining how much accuracy you need will help make the decision in the price range hat you will need to invest in a heart rate pedometer.

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