Bike Stands Storage

Bike Stands Storage for Repair

Home made bike stands storage were no longer used by home mechanics. Aside  from it is poorly constructed, it wasn’t able to clamp the bike on place during repair sessions.

There are five main types of bike stands storage which mechanics can choose from. The most important matter that you should consider is the portability of the bike stands storage. If you are going to travel a lot then might as well choose a lightweight easy to load bike stands storage for repairs.

bike stands storage

Types of Bike Stands Storage

Here are the classifications of bike stands storage along with their purposes and price range to help you select the best one for you.

  • Miniature Bike Stands Storage. These are the least expensive among other types of bike stands storage. But since its cheap the features are limited, but the good thing though is its capable of holding the bike upright. These bike stands storage are highly recommended for just a simple home repair. This is very beneficial for people who are a bit short on budget.
  • Race  Bike Stands Storage. Well it is obviously designed for professional cyclists and bike racers. This design is very lightweight therefore it is convenient to bring along during tournaments. These bike stands storage have a bottom bracket and dropout mounts. One of the advantage of the race stand is it doesn’t put too much pressure when clamping the frames leaving it scratch free and damage free.
  • Spring Clamp Bike Stands Storage. Most popular and preferred design of most home mechanics. The spring clam which are easy to use while holding the bike with one arm is the main feature of this product. The spring clamp automatically applies pressure to keep the bike secure but still keeping your bikes free from damage and scratch. The spring clamp bike stand is able to hold all bikes of different sizes even those with odd frames. This bike stand is also easy to store on one of your cabinet when not in use.
  • Screw-Down Bike Stands Storage. This model is quite similar to the first one, the only thing they differ is with the clamp pressure. In this bike stand the clamping pressure can be adjusted manually. Some prefer this bike stand when dealing with thin walled and light weight bikes. This model is also light weight and portable. Can be easily stored and transported in your vehicle.
  • Big Sturdy Shop Bike Stands. These are highly suggested for heavy duty bike mechanics who are working with bikes all day, and not for simple ones. It has a heavy base which is perfect for stable repairs. This model are really expensive therefore if you down own a bike repair shop in your home then its better to stay away from this one.

Those are the five types of bike stands storage for repairmen. Know you know their uses, it is important to decide what particular model are you looking for before heading in the store. Plus always set your budget straight to prevent overspending.

Bike Trainer Stand

Bike Trainer Stand

Bike trainer stand also known as stationary bikes are the reasons why professional cyclists are able to train their skills indoors. This is highly useful when the weather outside is not conducive for training. Bike trainer stand is classified into three categories: wind bike trainer stand, magnetic bike trainer stand and the fluid bike trainer stand.

Bike trainer stands are not like those you see in the gym. These trainer stands are uniquely made for training purposes, but at the same time you can also use these for working out purposes. Bike trainer stands produces resistance in every pedal to give a realistic biking ambiance.

A bicycle trainer has a rear axle bike stand with resistance and roller mechanism. In order to mount the bike, it is lifted a few inches from the ground then it’s fixed on the rear axle. Then you can now start your indoor practice.

bike trainer stand

Wind Bike Trainer Stand

This is the most affordable among the other types of bike trainer stand. Wind bike trainer stands from CycleOps and Kurt Kinetic are the most recommended ones. In terms of performance, wind bike trainer are able to deliver. However the number one complain about this design is it produces too much noise when in use. In addition to that, other customers said that this type of bike trainer stand does not exert much resistances. But for beginners who don’t want to splurge extravagant cash, well this model can be suitable for you.

Fluid Bike Trainer Stand

Most realistic, most dependable, most quite and most expensive type of bike trainer stand. Maybe the inventors of this bike trainer stand got their idea from swimming. When you are submerged under water it is very difficult to move due to resistance and that resistance is what most cyclists are looking for.

This bike trainer stand works by spinning an impeller via fluid. You don’t have to worry about fluid getting thinner or evaporated due to friction because most fluid bike trainer stand uses silicone. Therefore no matter how much heat was produced due to friction, the fluid is still thick and the resistance remains consistent.

The only disadvantage of this bike trainer stand is the fluid leak which is imminent even in other expensive brands. However they managed to find a solution to that problem when it happened. Just stay away from cheapest and low performing brands because they are the ones who have lots of leaking issues.

Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand

It’s the next best bike trainer stand after the fluid magnetic bike trainers. It uses resistance through electro magnetic induction, and other brands like CylcelOps uses centrifugal force. However it wasn’t able to keep up with the resistance produced by fluid bike trainer stand.

Magnetic bike trainers are made of heavy duty frame for support and stability purposes. The trainer stand can be easily folded when not in use. Plus it most magnetic bike trainers offers five levels of resistance which is a great transition from beginners to professionals.

Bike Trailer Hitch

Bike Trailer Hitch

Bike trailer hitch is one of the types of bike carriers for cars. Cars, SUV’s or pick up trucks that has a readily available trailer hitch at the back of their vehicle usually prefer this type of bike carriers.

Bike Trailer Hitch Yakima Product Specification and Reviews

bike trailer hitch

The Yakima Holdup 2 Bike Hitch Rack. The rear wheel cradle has an adjustable straps that will fit on almost all types and size of wheels and tires. This bike trailer hitch does not require removal of the front wheel when mounting plus there are less contact on the frames. It includes the 6 ft cable which are needed for locking both rack and bike. The receiver hitch size are available from 1.25 inch to 2 inches. This type of bike trailer hatch weights 49 pounds and can transport 2 bicycles.


  • This bike trailer hitch is stable and cause only minimal sways during rough ride.
  • The yakima holdup 2 bike hitch trailer is very durable.
  • Can be installed easily and not difficult to use.
  • Versatile. Applicable to any bikes of all kinds and sizes.


  • The lock mechanisms were poorly made and designed.
  • The placement of the release button not quite applicable.
  • Mounting the bikes are quite tricky.
  • The bike trailer hitch is quite heavy.
  • The cables which are used for locking the bikes are short.
bike trailer hitch
Yakima Swing Daddy Hitch Rack. Like other bike trailer hitch this design is very versatile , it can cater all bikes of different sizes and types. The arms are padded which are also adjustable. It has an anti sway feature that prevents the bike from hitting each other during rough driving. You can mount 4 bicycles. It also has an included security cable.
  • This bike trailer hitch is very easy to install and very convenient to use.
  • The anti sway motion is effective.
  • It is very durable.
  • Well, its expensive.
  • The cables loosens when driving on rough roads.
  • Small bikes may be difficult to install.
bike trailer hitch
Yakima Double Down Hitch Rack. This bike trailer hitch can hold 5 bicycles. Capable to hold all bikes however adapter, which is sold separately, may be required for kid’s and women’s bikes. The arms can be lowered when not in use and once the bikes are moved, the bike trailer hitch can be tilted down to provide access on the back of the vehicle. This bike trailer hitch has also an anti sway feature to prevent bike damages. There are also chain straps which is used to securely anchor bikes in place.
  • This type of bike trailer hitch is easy to install.
  • The weight is reasonable.
  • No question about its durability
  • All the five bikes should be alike. If one is different, for example a woman’s bike, then it is impossible to mount 5 bikes in this bike trailer hitch.
  • The device can be unstable when improperly installed.
  • Mounting mountain bikes can be slight difficult.
  • If you are not planning to mount 5 bikes then just settle for those bike trailer hitch that are smaller than this.

Bike Rack For Garage

Bike Rack For Garage

Bike racks are important in keeping your bike free from damages and theft. And instead of just laying your bikes on the ground or leaning them on the wall, bike rack for garage provides more room and spaces.

There are three types of bike rack for garage: wall mounted, ceiling mounted and stand alone bike stands. Many bicycle stores are offering those types of bike racks, however they can be pricey. But you can still have your own bike rack if you dare to create your own.

bike rack for garage

Do It Yourself Bike Rack For Garage

There are numerous DIY bike rack for garage you could find on the internet plus they are very affordable. The first thing you should consider during the planning phase is to determine the number of bikes you plan on storing in the bike rack for garage. A helpful tip is adding extra parking space in case you have lots of visitors who always bring their bikes too. But if you don’t know any one who loves bikes as much as you do, then better limit the space to what you need.

The next thing is deciding where to put the bike rack for garage. Would you prefer a wall mounted storage, hang in the ceiling or just bike stands. If you frequently use your bikes, then a bike stand would probably suitable for you. It’s the easiest way to access and mount your bikes. But if your garage space is too limited, then you might just wanna go with wall mounted bike rack for garage.

Consider if you want a portable or a fixed bike rack for garage. There are bike racks for garage that can also be a bike carrier when transporting bikes. Keep in mind to build a bike rack that fits on the flat bed of your pick up truck. Another important reason why movable bike racks are more preferred is because  it does not require more hassles in installation like drilling screws in the walls or ceiling which causes permanent changes.

In terms of materials wood and PVC are the most popular materials to work with, its way a lot cheaper and easier to manipulate than metal. PVC are not heavy which makes it suitable for DIY bike racks for garage. For wood bike racks for garage all you need is a saw, screws and washers. On the other hand for the PVC pipe what you’ll need are pipes, T-connectors, a 90 degree connector and PVC cement. For ceiling mounted bike rack for garage it may require bungee cords, galvanized steel pipes, stud hooks, etc.

And the last thing you need to settle is your budget. When making DIY bike rack for garage it is important to set a limitation in order for you to keep track on the money that you’re spending. Another tip before buying materials is to canvas first. You might want to check out at least 3 hardware stores to compare their prices. As much as possible buy all items in one store; most stores provide discounts on customers who bought a lot from them.