The Cure

The Cure: What if God isn’t who you think He is and neither are you?

the cureWe thought we were cured. We thought so, but most of us unwittingly carried an old, dead outlook into our new life. We couldn’t measure up to a standard we created, so we convinced ourselves it was God’s. We read his words through our grid of shame and felt ourselves fall farther and farther behind. We took it out on each other, judging, comparing, faking, splintering. Some of us retreated from the whole charade, becoming cynical, mistrusting, jaded from hope. Our marriages, churches, families, friendships, our marketplaces, our culture… they all need the cure.

But God’s cures rarely come in the form we expect.
What if, indeed, God is not who we think he is… and neither are we?

The Cure: What if God isn't who you think He is and neither are you?

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Bible And Voting And Politics

I’ve been being asked a lot about voting recently – only natural with the elections just having passed. In pondering and processing what the Bible has to say about voting I have also been considering how involved Jesus was with politics. Politics were certainly different in His time, but it oddly obviously that Jesus wasn’t all that interested in politics. When Satan tempted Jesus with all the political power He could ever want, Jesus declined. Jesus seems to be taking a different path. When Jesus was asked about paying taxes, he says to give to Caesar what has Caesars image on it (the money) and to give to God what has God’s image on it (us! – since we have the blessing of being made in his image). So, if we are giving ourselves wholly to God, there isn’t much time for anything else.

I haven’t told anyone else not to vote. As a matter of fact I try not to tell anyone to do or not to do anything. You see, with the relationship that God is offering each of us, I believe that you have to hear God (as He says in John that His sheep hear His voice) and determine His direction for you. That direction may not look what I believe and my direction may not be a match with your thoughts feelings and opinions. And that’s OK. It really is OK to be different, as long as each of us are listening carefully, following closely and loving completely. Then we can truly live free.

In terms of election results – it simply it not that crucial. Now if God wants you to vote and you don’t, that might cause some trouble and God will have to step in and find another way to accomplish His path, but He’s not panicked or worried about it. That’s what He does all day long. He takes the messes we make, the mistakes we make and He finds ways to turn them into something good. Just like when my kids misbehave, I find a way to turn it into a teaching moment and still turn it into something beneficial to them. God has no problem taking out every mess and designing something so spectacular that we could never imagine how He was able to do with our ugly mess. So, even if it’s the politicians start making a big mess of things (oh wait, that’s already happening, isn’t it?) then Jesus will be there to help us through it.

Remember when the Children of Israel wanted a king? God warned them repeatedly that if they insist on having a king it would back fire on them and they’d lose their sons to war, their land and money in taxes and so on. And just as God said, that’s what happened. Have we learned anything since back then? No, not really. We are still chasing after out “Caesar” and trying to trust in him, but he just doesn’t have the answers.

Imagine what would happen if we became a God Ruled country? What if our nation didn’t need all of the elected officials, but we could have God as our leader? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Many Blessings!

Summary: Let’s be listening carefully, following closely and loving completely