Magnifying Glasses for Reading

Magnifying Glasses for Reading: Introduction

The first magnifying glasses were invented by Roger Bacon in the year 1200. Bacon is an Englishman scientist who needed a much closer view when doing an experiment with smaller objects, that inspired him to invent the first ever magnifying glass. His colleagues also benefited with his invention.

Today magnifying glasses was transformed to a modern and high tech level. Different hardware stores and appliance centers are offering magnifying glasses that comes along with a built in fluorescent or LED lights. However the good old fashioned magnifying glasses for reading purposes are still handy for those people who are not technically inclined and saving money since these new magnifying glasses with lights can be a little bit costly.

magnifying glass for reading

Magnifying glasses for reading can also be used for craft works like embroidery, livelihood such as jewelry making and as a science experiment in a laboratory. There are also magnifying glasses for reading which have a lens that is customized according to your eyesight problems, for example: nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism cases. Using these kind of magnifying glasses for reading will be much more helpful so than using ordinary ones, just visit your nearest optical clinic and inquire if they are offering this product.

There are also magnifying glasses for reading which is made of plastic. This is suitable for all ages, most especially to children since this kind of magnifying glasses for reading aren’t unbreakable when accidentally dropped. It performs the same duties of the glass made, however the only disadvantage with plastic is that can be easily scratched. Once it was scratched, you might feel the need to replace it because every time you will be using it the scratches will annoy you.

Magnifying Glasses for Reading Versus Magnifying Lens with Light

  • Magnifying glasses for reading does not require an electricity to function.
  • Magnifying lens with light needs an electricity for the lighting features.
  • Magnifying glasses for reading can’t be used without the lights on.
  • Magnifying lens with light can be used even the entire lights in the house are closed since it has its own unique lighting system which is either a fluorescent or LED.
  • Magnifying glasses for reading needs a hand grip which can be strenuous when reading a newspaper.
  • Magnifying lens with light can function hands free. It has adjustable and modifiable arms which you can place in different positions and stays fixed. You can enjoy reading without the hassle of holding anything but your book.
  • Magnifying glasses for reading has limited magnification features.
  • Magnifying lens with light can have up t0 8x magnification power.
  • Magnifying glasses for reading are small, light weight and easy to carry on during camping, out of town travel and when playing bingo.
  • Magnifying lens with light can be heavy, tall and cannot exist without source of electricity.
  • Magnifying glasses for reading is cheaper.
  • Magnifying lens with light is quite expensive, therefore intense care and proper handling should be implemented. But the good thing about it is that the lens is replaceable.

jewelers magnifying glasses

Jewelers Magnifying Glasses

Jewelry makers are one of the most talented artist in their craft. Imagine how hard it is to create delicate carves on golds, diamonds and other gems without making mistake or else they would have to start again from scratch. However it would be difficult to work on those such tiny pieces without the help of jewelers magnifying glasses.

Jewelers magnifying glasses are the partner of artisans in creating beautiful and expensive masterpieces. Most of the jewelers magnifying glasses have a built in light feature so that an artist can see if there are any flaws with his work. Jewelers magnifying glasses are also used in inspecting genuine materials.

What you don’t know about the jewelers magnifying glasses is that you can use it as well not just for jewelry making. You can use it for normal activities to aid your eyesight such us reading, sewing, and all other hard to see stuffs. Plus most of the jewelers magnifying glasses come in small sizes which you could carry with you any where you wish to. Although the lens and focal view of the jewelers magnifying glasses are a bit small than the normal one, it doesn’t fail to perform the same functions.

Jewelers Magnifying Glasses: Forms and Features

jewelers magnifying glasses

Jewelers magnifying glass comes in different shapes and sizes depending on an individual’s needs. Here are the most common and in demand jewelers magnifying glasses being offered in the market right now along with their specifications.

Headband Lighted Jewelers Magnifiers. These kind of jewelers magnifying glasses is perfect for hand crafting works. An artist would prefer both of his hands to be busy creating an intricate masterpiece instead of one hand holding a magnifier and the other one working. The headband lighted magnifiers is worn on the head with an adjustable padded head band. It uses LED light which can be turned on and off. It has a binocular power of 1.5x and a monocular power of 8.5x. These jewelers magnifying glasses are powered by AA batteries.

jewelers magnifying glasses

MagniLoupe Headband Jewelers Magnifying Glasses. Not only that this magnifying glass is perfect for jewelry, it can also be used as a magnifier for tool making, etching, watch making. Photographers also use this for inspecting flaws photographs when printed. Even collectors use this handy magnifying glass to zoom on their stamp collection. It has an adjustable rubber belt which enable you to work hands free.

jewelers magnifying glasses

LumiLoupe 5x Jewelers Magnifying Glasses. This magnifying glass consist of 2 pre-focused lenses which aid close up inspection and examination of object. Although it doesn’t have a lighting feature, the transparent acrylic base gathers the light and translate an object to a more detailed view.


Universal Clip-On Jewelers Magnifying Glasses. This looks like a high tech prototype of ordinary reading glasses but it will take your reading moments to another level. The lens are very close to the eye which translates to a wide focal view. Plus the lenses are scratch free, mar free and glare reduction free. 

jewelers magnifying glasses

magnifying lamp with stand

Magnifying Lamp with Stand: History

Roger Bacon, a scientist from Europe, invented one of the most useful gadgets in his time and to ours as well. The first magnifying glass wowed Bacon’s colleagues in the year 1200.

Lately, the simple magnifying glass was modified to perfection to exceed its primary purpose which is merely to see things clearly in a much closer and intricate aspect. Modern inventors literally put the latest magnifying glass technology together with appliances that promotes comfort living such as a microwave that can cook on its own and a washing machine which you’ll just hang the clothes after its done performing its duty.

Light is vital, and inventors saw its benefits when integrated with a magnifying lens. Therefore magnifying glasses with lights are invented. This is an ingenious creation since all you need now is your magnifying lamp with stand or desk magnifying lamp instead of bringing two things: a lamp and a magnifying glass.

magnifying lamp with stand

Magnifying Lamp With Stand: Features and Benefits

A magnifying lamp with stand has an average height of 6 feet when the arms were stretched. Magnifying lamp with stand is trusted by physicians, dentists and surgeons. However it is also applicable in your living room or bedroom and do your self a favor by throwing out those tall lamps that doesn’t do the job. The arms can be extended up to 40 inches which is a good thing in case you want to do your reading on the bed while the magnifying lamp with stand is 4 feet away, plus it can assume a certain position for a long period of time unlike stubborn old model lamps which you have to modify from time to time.

The light of the magnifying lamp with stand can be fluorescent or LED light. Both produces an eye friendly brightness and money wise they are both energy conserving. The magnifying lamp with stand that uses a fluorescent light can last up to 1,000 hours without replacement. On the other hand the magnifying lamp with stand with built in LED can last up to 10,000 hours.

The magnifying lamp with stand doesn’t need much time to assemble unlike old lamps. Most of magnifying lamp with stand are already fixed in position, the only thing you need is to attach the fluorescent bulb. Then voila! Its good to go. However if it is a LED light, it can came out from the box and straight to use.

The magnification power of this magnifying lamp with stand depends upon the model. An average magnification power ranges from 2x to 10x. Most of the lenses are circular however there are also in rectangular form like a lighted full page magnifying glass. Not to worry if the lens are scratched or broken into pieces since it is replaceable. There are also lenses that are made from plastic instead of glass, cannot be broken but scratch prone.

The magnifying lamp with stand is the most heaviest of its kind since all the weight was concentrated on its base but with the purpose of stability. Although this kind of lamp is quite expensive, it serves many unique purposes so don’t think twice of buying one.

magnifiers for the visually impaired

Magnifiers For the Visually Impaired

Magnifiers for the visually impaired are the solution to the 1 out of 10 individuals who have problems with their eyesight. It may be inborn, or acquired later in life due to too much abusive eye activities and natural phenomena of aging. Seeing is the most important among all senses. Eating will be difficult when you don’t see what you’re about to swallow, smelling fragrant scents is useless if you don’t know where its coming from and hearing is your only clue to what’s happening around you. Eye surgery is the most ideal solution to correct most of the eye problems however it is too expensive and sometimes you need a donor of organs like the cornea.

Good thing there are invented gadgets like corrective eyeglasses, contact lenses and magnifier for the visually impaired. They are a lot more cheaper than operation plus less invasive. Magnifiers for the visually impaired can also be used by other individuals with normal vision to assist them in certain tasks. There are invented magnifying glass with light and stand which are helpful in assisting a doctor in procedures which needed closer view like surgery, dentistry and physical assessment. There are also magnifiers for the visually impaired which is a size of a normal desk lampshade that will aid you for hand craft activities like sewing, embroidery, stitching and knitting. It also has a stretchable arm which can extend up to 40″ and able to hold  a certain position as long as you need it, this is ideal if you would like to read a book on your bed. Another unique features of magnifiers for the visually impaired is it has lights, which means aside from magnification you can see clearly what you are looking at because of the light that surrounds it.

magnifying glass for the visually impaired

Types of Magnifiers For the Visually Impaired

  • Pocket Magnifying Glass. These type of magnifiers for the visually impaired comes with two types: with light and without light. It can be as small as the size of the thumb which is ideal to bring every where. The one with lighting features can be charged or battery powered. Although the focal view is small it has the same magnification capacity as the regular sized lens. So whenever you’re going to have a camping trip, make sure you have a pocket magnifiers for the visually impaired in case your perfect vision decided not to work properly.
  • Desk Magnifying Glass. This is a good replacement for your ordinary desk lamp. There are also models which has light and has no light. These magnifiers for the visually impaired is good for its hands free duties, meaning you could work on your cross stitch without holding anything aside from your needle and kit. The desk magnifying glass with light uses either fluorescent or LED light which is both perfect for energy conserving.
  • Lighted Full Page Magnifying Glass. Unlike other magnifying glass which has a circular focal view, these type of magnifiers for the visually impaired is a 7″ x 12″ rectangular shaped lens which is ideal for reading large newspapers. It also has a stand and a stretchable arm so that you could finish your reading without holding anything.