The Sims Social on Facebook – How to stay inspired longer

How to stay inspired longer on The Sims Social on Facebook

After you have spent time building up your inspiration and finally perform that last task to get inspired you feel good. But when the inspiration quickly fades away, the annoyance of needing to take care of the basics gets in the way of having fun. The other scenario is that you got inspired and then started taking care of your projects to build you skill level and then run out of energy and you know that by the next time you come back, the inspiration will be gone again. Even if you only need to wait a half hour to get enough energy to get it done.

Here is a neat little trick that will keep you inspired longer and you won’t lose your inspiration when you come back from lunch or have to leave for a little while.

the sims social how to stay inspired


We are all familiar with this little pop up window, aren’t we? It’s the “out of energy” notification. But don’t worry, there’s something great about this little window. You see, as long as this window is up on your screen, you won’t lose your inspiration. Just leave your browser window open, go to lunch, or go play outside and when you come back, and have more energy, the inspiration will still be at the same exact point as when this window popped up.


It’s really convenient to stay inspired longer when you want to take a quick break. Just spend down your energy and watch for this window.

If you accidentally closed out of it, it is real simple just ask your sim to perform another task that takes energy and the window will pop up again.


Good luck to you and your Sim and have fun now that you know how to stay inspired longer.