University of Buffalo New York History

A History of the University of Buffalo, 1846-1917

We can learn from history or we can ignore it and not benefit from the wealth of experience and insight. Reading about the history of the University of Buffalo will give you insight into how the university came about, the buildings that were originally used and so much more. This is a great gift for future University of Buffalo students, as well as alumni and anyone who live in the area while the university was undergoing changes.



UB Downtown Gateway

The recent new addition of the UB Downtown Gateway (the former M. Wile building) location adds to the growing presence of the university in downtown Buffalo. Some say that there are plans in the works to move UB’s Regional Institute, a number of its pre-K-16 initiatives, and also the Center on Rehabilitation Synergy, which is a program of the Graduate School of Education that provides training, education and research for professionals working with individuals with disabilities, into the building during the next 20 months.  This now is representing the 6th U.B. building downtown. The area is already home to the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, a hub of life sciences expertise and innovation in Buffalo Niagara, the Ross Eye Institute, and the Jacobs Executive Development Center. The campus will include a range of programs that directly serve and work with residents of our community in the areas of education, information, job training, and health care.

ub gateway buffalo new york state
UB Gateway

North Campus of University at Buffalo

UB’s bustling and busy North Campus, is where most of the university’s core academic and scholarly programs are provided, can be found in the suburban area of Amherst. Opened for classes in the first part of the 1970s, the North Campus now has over 100 buildings with more planned and in the works. This includes ongoing construction and building of new apartment-style student campus housing, as well as state-of-the-art academic and class room buildings.

University Buffalo Gateway
University Buffalo Gateway