Manual Diagnostic Test for Maytag Epic Z Washer

Here are instructions on how to run a Manual Diagnostic Test for Maytag Epic Z Washer

Start the Test by Closing the door

Select any one  key/button (except the PAUSE/CANCEL) and follow the steps below using the same key.

a. Press then hold for 4 seconds

b. Release for 4 seconds

c. Press then hold for 4 seconds

d. Release for 4 seconds

e. Press then hold for 4 seconds

f. Release for 4 seconds

g. Press then hold for 4 seconds

h. Release

NOTE: Press the same key to advance to the next failure code.

At the end of the procedure the program will loop back to the beginning. This is a continuous loop. To cancel out of the Manual Test More press the PAUSE/CANCEL button.

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Appliance Repair Austin

Appliance Repair Austin

Appliances can go crazy at any time, day or night, and when you need help, sometimes the time of day doesn’t matter. You just need someone to help. There are many options for appliance repair Austin and you need to make a wise choice when choosing your repair facility or service technician.

Appliance Repair Austin

Types of Appliances that might need Appliance Repair Austin

Kitchen Appliances

Fridge / Refrigerator

Deep Freeze / Chest Freezer

Oven / Stove

Microwave & Counter top Appliances

Laundry Appliances

Washer & Dryers



Do I really need a Repairman?

Can you fix it yourself before you call a service repairman? There are many simple repairs that you can perform on your own, before calling an appliance repair Austin repairman. There are some great hints about appliance repair austin  at that don’t just have to do with washers and dryers, but all appliances.


Is it under warranty? Make sure you check your warranty information before you call for service. Keep a simple file on hand of your purchase info and basic paperwork.


Major Brands of Appliances

3M Continental Electric Goodmans Miele Soleus
AGA Danby Haier Northland Sunpentown
Air King DIRT DEVIL Honeywell NuTone THERMADOR
Amana Dyson Hoover Oreck TOR REY
American Range EDGESTAR Hotpoint Panasonic Tresanti
Aquafresh Eureka iRobot Premier Turbo Air
Ariston Euro-Kitchen, Inc. JENNAIR Pullman-Holt U-Line
Avanti EURO-PRO KENMORE RambleWood Green US Stove Company
Bertazzoni Fagor KitchenAid Rogar VIKING RANGE
BEVERAGE-AIR Fedders Koblenz Samsung VINOTEMP
Bissell Fisher & Paykel Koolatron Sanyo WARING-COMMERCIAL
Black & Decker FRIEDRICH LG ELECTRONICS Scotsman WaterSentinel
Bosch Frigidaire LIEBHERR Shark Whirlpool
BROAN Fujitsu Magic Chef Sharp WHYNTER
Cavaliere-Euro Global Industries Maytag Smeg Zephyr













Take a look around, check your warranty and rest assured when you need Appliance Repair Austin!

Washer and Dryer Repair

Tackle Washer and Dryer Repair by yourself!

Many Washer and Dryer Repair projects can be done very simply and inexpensively. If you can figure out what the issue is, then you are more likely to be able to fix it yourself and not need to call a repair technician and spend a bunch of money on the washer and dryer repair.

Washer and Dryer Repair

Washer and Dryer Repair Problem Identification

The diagnosis of the problem is sometimes that hardest thing.  At first, all you know is that it is not working and needs to be fixed. Then comes the agonizing question – is it something major? And the feeling in the pit of your stomach that leads to guessing if you are going to need to invest in an entirely new set appliance – which of course will not be cheap. Now what? Well, don’t give up yet. Let’s look at some simple tips to figure out what is wrong with your washer and dryer and then we can figure out how to tackle the repair.

Simple tips on diagnosing your Washer and Dryer Repair project:

Washer Repair Diagnosis 

  • Is it a water issue?
    • If the water got turned off somewhere else even other than right at your washing machine, it will not work.
  • Is it a power / electrical issue?
    • Cord can wiggle loose, get unplugged when bumped or many other very simple explanations for why it may not be turning on.
  • Is it a mechanical issue?
    • If you hear a rattling noise or something that is obviously grinding or rubbing when in use, it would lead to a mechanical concern. This could be as basic as replacing a belt or more advanced.
  • Is there an error code provided by the washing machine?
    • Is is addressed in the instruction manual? Some error codes are given easy solutions in the users manual. Other issues are not address at all and simply state “call a repair technician”. That or course is what they want you to do so their techs can stay busy and get paid.
Dryer Repair Diagnosis
  • Is this a gas or electric dryer?
    • Is the problem with the gas or electricity? Maybe the cord is unplugged or the gas was turned off accidentally. check the incoming power options and see if that cures the problem.
  • Is the door latched? Most doors have a safety latch that will not engage the dryer unless it is completely closed. If the door is even slightly ajar it will not engage.
  • Is the vent unclogged?
Washer and Dryer RepairTo diagnose your Washer and Dryer Repair project, always start with the obvious simple possible problems.
    • Is the cord unplugged?
    • Is the door latched properly?
    • Did it get moved out of place a bit and is it level?
    • Did the water get turned off?
    • Is the water hose kinked?

Tackle the basic Washer and Dryer Repair issues yourself and do not call a Washer and Dryer Repair Person unless it is absolutely needed.